Overlord Season 3 Episode 10 – Preparation For War

In the last episode of Overlord, we saw an alliance was formed between Ainz and Emperor Jircniv. Ainz also chose his official title, the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. It was also revealed that Fluder betrayed Jircniv and the Baharuth Empire. In Overlord Season 3 episode 10, one of the most gruesome wars that will ever graze the New World will mark its start.

Overlord Season 3 Episode 10 – Preparation For War

A month after Jircniv visited the Great Tomb of Nazarick and made an alliance with Ainz, the preparation for the annual war with the Re-Estize Kingdom is going. King Ramposa III received a war declaration from the Baharuth Empire making them know that the empire allied themselves with Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. A meeting will be held among the King and his constituents. Here’s a preview for the next episode of Overlord:

In the declaration, it was mentioned that the empire is waging a war against the kingdom to thwart the unrightful rule of the kingdom in the territory of E-Rantel. A heated discussion will commence about whether Ainz is powerful or not. Gazef Astronoff will warn the King about Ainz and advice him to not underestimate the spellcaster.

In the end, his advice was disregarded and the group of nobles and royalties dismissed Ainz as just a foolish joke. It can be remembered that Gazef met Ainz before in Carne Village. He helped in protecting the village against Slane Theocracy and Sunlight Scripture.

The Annual War On Katze Plains

Two months later, the preparation for the war is still on-going. The Kingdom prepared 250,000 soldiers for this year’s war, situated near E-Rantel. They were shocked as to why the Empire is preparing 60,000 soldiers, three times more than what they usually prepare. Slane Theocracy also sent their neutrality in the war. This makes them realize that they’re still wary of Ainz’ real power. They think that spellcasters are just performers who use fireballs and flight in the battle to intimidate the enemy.

Overlord Season 3 Episode 10

Gazef¬†still thinks that this war is not in their favor because of Ainz’ presence. Because of this, King Rampossa III ordered Prince Barbo and five thousand men to go to Carne Village and extract some information about Ainz. Overlord season 3 episode 10 is all about the preparations of the coming event that will change the New World. Get ready for some SPLAT.

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