Overlord III Episode 12 – The Battle In Katze Plains

There would be a lot of things that will happen in Overlord III Episode 12. This might just be the most onscreen deaths in the anime that you’ll ever see. This is a war, but there will be no battle that will happen because it would be a one-sided massacre. Will the Empire and the Kingdom survive after this episode?

Overlord III Episode 12 – Ainz Attacks

After all the annual wars between the Empire and the Kingdom, it was always the Empire that takes charge first. That’s why when the Empire is not doing anything, Marquis Raven is almost sure that they’re up to something. So he went to see the fully equipped Gazef Stronoff and asks him if they can defeat the Empire. Gazef still thinks that he can never win against Ainz.

All of a sudden, a new army arrived in the ranks of the Imperial Army. Ainz, together with his Dark Knights, appear in the view, which Raven recognizes and immediately ordered a retreat. However, before his command was heard, Ainz cast his most powerful spell which made 70,000 Kingdom soldiers fall to death instantly. Both the Empire and the Kingdom was shocked by the power of the man known as Ainz Ooal Gown.

Overlord III Episode 12

But wait, there’s more. I’m not trying to sound like a sales agent, but there’s more terror that Ainz will let loose. He will let loose four Dark Young from the corpse of the fallen to bulldoze the remaining members of the Kingdom’s army.

Seeing what is happening on the other side, the Imperial Army is now very afraid of Ainz. Meanwhile, Ainz is celebrating because he summoned four Dark Young, which is a record breaker in the YGGDRASIL. Mare congratulated him and commanded the Imperial Army beside them to hail praises to Ainz Ooal Gown, which they did, unusually more cheery than intended. You have to understand that they are also afraid for their lives.

Overlord III Episode 12

The cheering will get louder when Ainz decided to call a Dark Young to them. Even though Ainz doesn’t really have an intention to hurt anyone from the Imperial Army, the soldiers fled, killing a lot of people from the stampede. Even Ainz stated himself that he doesn’t plan on harming soldiers from the Empire. The Dark Young put Ainz to his head, and in no time, they are face to face with Gazef Stronoff.

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