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Outer Banks Season 2: All The Character Deaths

Outer Banks Death
Outer Banks (Netflix)

The second season of the popular Netflix show Outer Banks dropped on July 30, 2021. After the first season came out in April, it grabbed the attention of everyone over its unique casting and storyline. Most of the actors who plays the roles in the series had usually acted in small TV roles. But with Outer Banks success, they are well into the spotlight. This series became especially popular among the teen groups. The main reason being the story which revolves around a group of teenagers who get involved in dangerous adventures. And is expected from Outer Banks, an action-packed series, there were the deaths of some characters involved. Although none of the lead characters met their end, some side characters did hit the bucket.

Outer Banks is well known for its numerous twists among the episodes, even the deaths of the characters are not bereft of them. We’ll see some faking their deaths previously in Outer Banks and even some assumed to be dead people returned back. In the parts below, we will be discussing all the characters who died in the 2nd season of Outer Banks.

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The Plot of Outer Banks

Outer Banks is an actual coastal town in North Carolina, and the story is set here. From the beginning of the series, the huge social divide is made very clear. And this divide is also something that drives the story. The wealthy residents are categorized by the nickname “Kooks” and the working-class by “Pogues”. John B is the young and charismatic leader of the Pogues who is set on discovering the truth behind his father’s death. While investigating the issue, he realizes that all leads point to the Royal Merchant. John B sets out with some trusted friends – JJ, Pope and Kiara – to find out the treasure. Along the way, they realize the treasure in it belonged to Pope’s ancestor. Now, even more determined, they start closing in on it. But when they reach its location, no treasure is to be found.

Outer Banks Death

The Pouges’ team (Credits: Netflix)

While John B and his team are scratching their heads over the missing treasure, it turns it is with Ward Cameron. Ward is one of the influential Kooks. But his daughter, the Kook princess Sarah, joins John B and his gang. Even Kiara belongs to a rich family. They all team up to fight against Ward and the Kooks. And also search for John B’s father. But season 1 ends with John B falsely charged with murder and marked as an escaped convict. He escapes along with Sarah to the Bahamas while everyone back home thinks they are dead. Season 2 brings in more of the treasure hunting, social disputes and foul play.

John B and Sarah are trying to escape the Bahamas and return to Outer Banks. And there’s more into the treasure with the inclusion of new characters into the game. Adding to the surprises, John B’s father is still alive.

The Cast Of Outer Banks Season 2

Chase Stokes plays the role of Pouge leader John B. His loyal friend and popular delinquent, JJ Maybank, is portrayed by Rudy Pankow. Madelyn Cline portrays the Kook princess Sarah Cameron. The brains of the Pogues, Pope Heyward, is played by Jonathan Daviss. Madison Bailey portrays another Pogue-turned-Kook Kiara Carrera. The principal villain, Ward Cameron, is played by Charles Eston. Drew Starkey is playing Ward’s psychopathic son Rafe Cameron. Most of the side characters have remained the same except for the introduction of 3 new people. Elizabeth Mitchell plays Carla Limbrey who enters in search of the Royal Merchant for personal reasons. Jesse C. Boyd portrays Carla’s half-brother Renfield. Carlacia Grant plays Cleo, one of the crew members who rescue John B and Sarah and helps them in their search.

Outer Banks Death

The cast (left to right)- Madison Bailey, Drew Starkey, Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, Madelyn Cline, and Jonathan Daviss (Instagram)

All The Deaths That Happened In Outer Banks Season 2

The first death to be seen in the series is of Gavin. Gavin was Ward’s pilot who took off with his gold. He was also the sole witness of Rafe shooting Sheriff Peterkin and had the murder weapon with him. In episode 2, Gavin meets up with Ward to blackmail him over the witness. But in a tussle between them, Ward shoots Gavin, leading to his instant death. And Ward with evil genius manages to hide any pieces of evidence of this incident. The second death comes of Renfield, Carla’s younger half-brother. He is able to get hold of the Cross of Santo Domingo with the help of Rafe. But when he tries to take off with a priceless relic, Carla shot him to his death. Sarah is accidentally shot by Rafe as he was aiming for John B. However, she is miraculously saved with help of Dr. Nygard.

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Charles Eston as the main villain Ward Cameron (Netflix)

Later into the series, we see Ward blowing himself up with his boat. He did this while confessing to his crimes. However, in Episode 9 it is revealed that Ward faked his death to avoid arrest. JJ also escapes a near fatal after a fight on Ward’s boat in the last episode.

Where To Watch Outer Banks Season 2?

Outer Banks can be watched on Netflix. The release date for season 3 of Outer Banks has not been revealed yet. But looking at seasons 1 and 2, it might be expected to release in 2022 around the same time.

Season 2 Outer Banks

Stills from Outer Banks season 2 (Netflix)

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