Ousama Ranking to get a Second Part? How Many Episodes will Part 2 have?

Ousama Ranking to get a 2nd part? How many episodes will part two have?
Ousama Ranking will have a Second Part

When fans have to bear the ‘to be continued’ glimpse, at the end of each episode, of an anime series that holds their heart, it sure pains. But when ‘the end’ is shown, it pains a hundred times more. The fall of the year 2021 has ended many series and brought in new series, as well. With the release of this many series, there are some who left a deep impression on us. Ousama Ranking has been one of them, ranking high in the graph Not dropping the radar, the storyline of this series is just that good. Having a problem with the animation is out of the question if you can understand the plot.

Now, regarding the total number of episodes and if the series will end soon, this article will contain all. Ranking of Kings, or Ousama Ranking is a series by Tōka Sosuke, which has got its anime adaptation by Wit Studios. The story of Bojji, the main protagonist, will make you wonder if you can ever achieve your dreams or not. Being deaf and dumb, Bojji never gave up. He strived hard for being the next king and now has become stronger than ever.

With each new episode, there is bound to have ‘the end.’ However, as Ousama Ranking still has materials to complete, will the same anime season continue? Or will it have a different part of the same season? Sounds confusing, right?

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Ousama Ranking Part 1 Ending

Right after the first appearance of Bojji, many fans pitied him. Not because he was deaf and dumb, that’s one part as well, but because everyone made fun of him without even considering how a 12-year-old would feel. Walking around the streets naked, Bojji had endured it all. Going to his room with a smile all could see, Bojji breaks down with tears once he was alone. That moment made many fans’ hearts break and the love for the protagonist began.

Ousama Ranking to get a 2nd part? How many episodes will part two have?
In episode 15, Bojji sends the monsters back to the underworld

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Part one of Ousama Ranking captured the moments of Bojji training to become strong. The first part aired from October till December, announcing its second part to be released from January 6. The quality of the animation may not be as one with some awesome depictions, but do not underestimate Ousama Ranking. Ousama Ranking has one of the best plots and is one of the best anime series to be released in 2021.

His struggles and his hardships, fans have seen it all. There are many episodes to come and many have passed by. However, no one would want this awesome series to end. So, will the fans be disappointed by the news if there were no more parts? That goes without saying, fans will be disappointed a huge time. However, thankfully that seems to be not the case.

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How many episodes will Ousama Ranking Part 2 have?

The way it seems, Ousama Ranking will have episodes binge-watchers will want to binge. Straight to the point, Ranking of Kings will have 23 episodes in season 1. And it has a few more episodes before the season ends.

Looking at it, the Wit studio has been regular with the episodes. But after the ending of part one of Ousama Rankings, many thought that it would take a while for part 2 to be released. Luckily for fans, that wasn’t the case. Wit Studio’s Ousama Ranking announced its appearance after a New Year’s break. The second part returned on January 6, 2022.

Following Bojji’s training with Despa, he has now returned to his own kingdom. With the Order of the Underworld, Bojji is seen to have engaged in combat with a giant. From saving Queen Hiling to sending back the monsters, Bojji has become the reliable’ Protagonist’fans wanted to see. Knowing Bojji has been nominated for Best Boy and Best Protagonist at the Anime Awards 2022, Ousama Ranking is one of the best series to watch. series is just right for you.

Ousama Ranking to get a 2nd part? How many episodes will part two have?
Ousama Ranking, Part Two

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