Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date: The Fate of Miranjo

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Ousama Ranking Epsiode 22 Reease Date
Ousama Ranking Epsiode 22 Reease Date

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 is coming up with continued adventures of Bojji as he moves ahead to become a great king. The series is currently very famous due to its plot and the cute main character Bojji. It follows his adventure as he wants to become a king despite his all flaws. Although he is deaf, naive, and gains a lot of criticism from people for being unsuited for the king’s title. He tries really hard and one day meets Kage – a survivor of an extinct assassin clan – who understands Bojji though he can’t speak. It has been loved by many viewers and is currently one of the most popular series of 2022.

Lately, the series progressed on a very emotional plot since Bojji got to see his mother. However, the sad thing about this is that she didn’t tell him. We got to see a light backstory of Bojji at the time when they lived together and his mother used to show him the country. We also got a backstory of Miranjo who gets to know that the demon has moved his soul to a mirror. So, when she will die, the demon will devour her soul. The episode highly focused on Miranjo’s regret for her actions while Bosse’s motive still remains unclear. However, the Ranking of Kings episode 22 release date is scheduled and it will be revealing many things too.

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Ousama Ranking Episode 21 Recap

The previous episode of the series was released on 11th March 2022 and was titled “The Swordsmanship of a King”. It began with King Bosse talking with Miranjo as he apologized to her for keeping her waiting. She expressed her desire to kill queen Shiina and use Bojji as bait for an attack on the kingdom. But soon she came back to her senses and Bosse said that he understands that she did everything for his sake. However, everything is in vain as if he gets defeated her, he will be joining her there. Bosse threatened Bojji and his men to give up or die for Daida’s sake. This didn’t affect Bojji a bit as he stays there all determined backed by these men.

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The whole episode centered on this clash between Bojji’s men and King Bosse. As King Bosse got defeated, Bojji came forward in order to release Miranjo’s soul from the mirror. Bojji used his sword and released both Miranjo and King Bosse’s souls. The moment the mirror broke, a huge red monster appeared and moved forward to devour both of their souls. But his main target was Miranjo and so he does that and now Miranjo is there alone inside of the demon. She witnessed this horrible scene of demons devouring souls ruthlessly. She felt chills down her spine and a little girl welcomed her in “the world of endless pain”.

Ousama Ranking Episode 21 recap
King Bosse against Bojji

Ousama Ranking Episode 22 Release Date

The last episode ended on a very bad cliffhanger that left everyone to wonder about the fate of Miranjo. Now she has entered a world where there is pain at every step and moment. Will she be able to make out alive from inside of the Demon? Will Bojji help her get out safe and sound from that ruthless world? The ranking of Kings Episode 22 release date is scheduled as 18th March 2022. It is going to be titled “The Promise to a Demon”. The new episode will follow the rest of the adventures of Bojji and will also at us into the fate of Miranjo. As for the preview of the new episode, creators haven’t dropped any and we still can’t say anything exactly about the progression we are going to get in the upcoming episode.

Miranjo Inside demon
Miranjo Inside demon

Watch Ousama Ranking Episode 22 – Streaming Details

Ranking of Kings Episode 22 will be out really soon and you will get to stream it on leading anime streaming channels. However, it is officially licensed by Funimation so you can stream the whole series along with the new releasing episodes there.

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