Ousama Ranking Episode 15: Can Bojji Forgive Domas?

Ousama Ranking ep 15: Can Bojji forgive Domas?
Episode 15: Can Bojji forgive Domas?

Ousama Ranking creator Tōka Sosuke’s manga series has been serialized in Manga Hack. The series got its anime adaptation in October 2021, with part one of the series ending in December 2021. As the second part has already aired on January 6, 2021, fans have been growing impatient with each passing day. The story of Ousama Ranking follows Bojji who is as weak as one can be, but still dreams high. Bojji wishes to be the next king of the kingdom of King Bosse, his father, had created. But seeing how his weak body cannot even hold a wooden sword, Bojji falls short of the required self-esteem.

Ousama Ranking has been able to rank the charts, along with other popular anime like Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen and many more. Wit Studios have done it now. No episode goes by without making the fans cry, in Ousama Ranking. The storyline, series plot, animation, openings and endings, all the detailed description of every emotion in each scene of Ousama Ranking has made fans impatient as well as excited for every upcoming episode.

The latest episode, episode 15, contains some of the things fans have wanted to know. Such as, can Bojji ever forgive Domas for pushing him into the Gates of Hell?

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Ousama Ranking Episode 15: The Story So Far

Ousama Ranking has come a long way. Bojji is now stronger than before. His struggle to be stronger has been made possible by Despa. Bojji now has his own weapon and can defeat his opponents without even harming them in any way. His technique is the most unique. He makes his opponent lose consciousness with a single blow on their vital point. In the ‘Return of the Prince’ episode, Bojji shows his strength by protecting Queen Hiling and making the giant, Gigan, get on his knees.

The 15th episode of Ousama Ranking, titled ‘Order of the Underworld’ shows the near-to-happen war scenes. The underworld knights have come to the Kingdom of Bosse to take over the kingdom and kill ‘that’ one person. While Domas was present right before the underworld entrance that leads to the Gates of the Underworld, Bojji and Kage had come to send Gigan and the dog-like monsters back to the underworld.

Ousama Ranking ep 15: Can Bojji forgive Domas?
Bojji returns to the palace, save Queen Hiling and go back to the underworld to send the monsters back

Domas gets into a fight with the Order of the Underworld, without even knowing the reason why they have come to attack the kingdom. While the Order of the Underworld’s Squad Leader underestimated Domas, thinking he is young and arrogant, they were soon wiped out by Domas. Forget about Hokuro, who was surprised to know that Domas was so strong because even fans were shocked to see that. Domas is strong, accepted. But he was this strong, never imagined that!

Just when Domas and Hokuro let a sigh out, Desha appeared and declared that he would defeat King Bosse. Unable to believe, Domas challenged him to get past through him. However, Desha didn’t want to hurt anyone, except for killing ‘her,’ so he used an underhanded trick to defeat Domas. Just when Domas recovered and was just about to fight Desha, Gigan jumped down. Gigan, Kage and Bojji jumped from above, skipping all those uncountable stairs that would have taken who knows how much time to get down.

Ousama Ranking ep 15: Can Bojji forgive Domas?
King Desha using an underhanded trick to defeat Domas

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Ousama Ranking Episode 15: Release Date

Ousama Ranking Episode 15 will release on 28 January 2022. While Bojji, Kage and Domas faces off King Desha, what will happen in the next episode of Ousama Ranking? Good news to all fans, the next episode, i.e. episode 16 of Ousama Ranking is supposed to air on 4 Feb 2022. Starting a new month with a new episode of Ousama Ranking, is just the best.

Can Bojji forgive Domas?

Knowing how forgiving Bojji is, he would surely forgive Domas. Though that will make some fans upset for a while, however, Bojji is sure to even take that feeling out of you.

Ousama Ranking ep 15: Can Bojji forgive Domas?
Bojji appeared pale after seeing Domas

This scene made every fan boil with anger. Because Domas once betrayed Bojji, pushed him into the Gates of Hell, seeing him again after that incident, Bojji couldn’t keep up with the mixed feelings. Even Kage could notice the changing feelings inside of Bojji, resentment and hatred. Kage, at least, didn’t want Bojji to be like him when he was all alone and had no one to rely on. Kage consoled Bojji and made him notice that he was there. That moment had fans in tears. Seeing Domas when he was fighting and defending with his body for he wanted to repent, made fans believe that Domas can be forgiven. However, when Bojji entered the same scene as Domas seeing Bojji react so strongly, made fans angry.

But, Domas was one step ahead of repenting. He, then and there, jumped off the stairs and said he would repent by giving his life as an apology. Bojji, Kage and Hokuro thought he was dead. But, luckily or unluckily, Domas couldn’t die. Even he is sad for his hard-trained body that has been trained for years, which cannot be crushed that easily. Hokuro tells his master, Domas that he needs to be here to protect Bojji and not welcome his own death.

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