Our Shirley Valentine Summer Cast: Who Are The Celebrity Contestants?

In this post, we will be talking about “Our Shirley Valentine Summer.” Nowadays fans want to know more about their favorite stars and due to which reality show ratings are crossing rooftops. Even though these shows are scripted to its very core and seek only ratings.

Our Shirley Valentine Summer

‘Our Shirley Valentine Summer’ is one of the most popular reality show in which many celebrities will be in a place far away from the chaos of the modern society where they’re in search of fun, romance while enjoying their life out in nature. According to organizers, the show will be a lot different, and it will be emotionally deep.

Our Shirley Valentine Summer Plot

The main influence behind this reality TV series is the famous British series, ‘Shirley Valentine’ which aired in the late 1980s. If you’re familiar with that show, then you might know what you should expect. Shirley Valentine is completely drained of her will to enjoy her life, and she’s just fed up with her linear lifestyle. However, she got a chance to meet Marjorie from her school which led her to take a break from her boring life and travel to Greece where she enjoys her life with new energy.

‘Our Shirley Valentine Summer’ would be very similar to Shirley Valentine, “Everybody reaches a crossroads in life questioning if he or she are living the life they want or the life they have. Eight well-known female faces will follow in the footsteps of Shirley Valentine as they spend the summer in Greece to try something new.”

Our Shirley Valentine Summer Cast

The eight celebrities taking part in “Our Shirley Valentine Summer,” are Aggie MacKenzie, Sian Lloyd, Melinda Messenger, Ingrid Tarrant, Nancy Dell’Olio, Ninia Benjamin, Annabel Giles, and Lizzie Cundy. The show premiered on 19th July, and it airs on Thursday night at 9.30 PM covering the new lifestyle of the celebrities and their new challenges.

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