Our Blues Episode 3 Release Date: Eun-hee And Han-soo Leave Together For A Trip

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Our Blues Episode 3
Our Blues

Eun-hee and Han-soo will continue to charm us with their story in Our Blues Episode 3. The two went on a trip together to Mokpo, the place where they went for their school trip years ago. Han-soo was a confident person ins school, however, now it feels he has lost the purpose of his life, rather is desperately finding happiness. We get very brief introductions about the characters of Shin Min Ah and Lee Byung-hun, along with Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin. 

Eun-hee holds the place of her first love close to her heart. Though she is tough on the outside and is very competitive in her business, she still cares for Han-soo as she used to years ago. Though Han-soo also had soft- a corner for her, if it’s love or not, that is still not known.

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Our Blues Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 starts with an elated Min Seon-ah enjoying a drive by the beach with Lee Dong-Seok. They have a gala time together, however it soon turns out to be a bit awkward when Dong-Seok suddenly tried to kiss Seon-ah. While driving her back, he even asked why she doesn’t like him.

Our Blues
Min Seon-ah And Lee Dong-Seok Spend Time Together  Cr- tvN

Maybe she never saw him from that point of view, however, not much can’t be revealed about their relationship as Episode 2 has just given a brief introduction of these characters.

Eun-hee and Han-soo Meet Each Other After Two Long Decades

The omnibus format drama on the first two episodes focused on the star-crossed lovers Choi Han-soo and Jeong Eun-hee. They met after 20 years as Han-soo returned to Jeju island as the bank manager. Eun-hee is quite thrilled to have met a friend after so long, and so she prepares for the long-awaited reunion. 

Our Blues
Eun-hee And Han-soo Remember Their Childhood Days   Cr-tvN

Han-soo seems to be different from what the others have been expecting him to be. Everyone thought his life is sorted with him being the branch manager, wife, and daughter living in the States. However, this was far from reality. He was asking for money from every other person as he wanted his daughter to continue playing golf in the States. He got separated from his wife, and the most important part is that he has lost himself in the process. 

We got a glimpse of Han-soo’s younger version when Eun-hee talked to Lee Young-ok about her first Kiss. In the flashback, it was shown how the students were bullying her as she brought a piglet on the bus. Now, here is something exciting for the BTS ARMYs as some of the characters in the bus were named Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi, and Jung Hoseok. On the field trip to Mokpo, Eun-hee confessed to Han-soo that she likes him and kisses him. However, the word spreads in the school differently. Han-soo gets to know that Eun-hee told everyone how he was the one who forcefully kissed her. To everyone’s surprise, he said that he liked it. Younger Han-soo, though still was living in poverty, however, knew how to smile with an open heart. 

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Our Blues Episode 3 Preview

In the forthcoming episodes, we may witness more about Han-soo and Eun-hee as both of them went on a trip to Mokpo.

Our Blues
A Trip To Mokpo

They seem to reminisce about their old times however, it doesn’t sit well with some of Eun-hee’s friends as apparently, she went with a married man. We can also expect the story of Min Seon-ah and Lee Dong-Seok.

Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 3?

Our Blues Episode 3 will be available on its original network, tvN, and also for the international audience the drama will be streaming on Netflix in some selected regions. You can also view the drama online. Our Blues seems to have all the elements a drama needs to be getting the attention of the audience. 

When Will Our Blues Episode 3 Release?

Our Blues Episode 3 will release on 16th April 2022. The drama, though focuses on separate stories, however, somehow, the stories are interconnected with each other. The style or format of the drama is unique and is not seen in regular kdramas.

The producer of the show mentioned how he wanted to change the format of having just one main lead, as that’s what we get to see in mainstream kdramas. He wanted to focus on separate stories as in life, there is not only one main lead. The idea seems to have connected well with the audience, and we will be waiting for what the future episodes will bring for us. 

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