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Our Blues Episode 16 Release Date: Till The Time We Meet Again

Our Blues is slowly going towards its ending episode. However, before we reach there, let’s talk about Our Blues Episode 16. The drama is so well written, and each character has their own time to open up in the story.

When Mi Ran and Eun Hee met in Seoul, that scene was emotional. It was like finally, after years, they were in their true selves with each other. Till the time they spent there was one of the cherishing moments that may or may not be there in the forthcoming episodes. So keep watching Our Blues to know about more such updates.

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What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 16?

The track between Eun Hee and Mi Ran ended on a good note, and we couldn’t be happier. Though, from the looks of the storyline, they don’t seem to meet anytime soon. However, their story taught us a lot of things. Eun Hee, for her entire life, believed that Mi Ran had treated her like a doormat. Also, a sense of insecurity worked as everybody would give attention to Mi Ran. As if she was the only main character and Eun Hee was just there. However, after Mi Ran came home drunk and irritated, Eun Hee penned down her thoughts in her diary about how she will only have to pretend in front of her, maybe to repay for all the times she had been there.

Our Blues ep 16

Eun Hee And Mi Ran

Meanwhile, on the next day, Mi Ran cleaned the entire house. Accidentally, she laid her hands on Eun Hee’s diary. She was disappointed thinking about what her friend thought about her all this while. Though she tried to talk about it to Eun Hee by asking her several times if everything was okay, the response from the other side was always, ‘Everything’s Fine.

The story took us to the point where it showed that communication is important, and maybe the situation is different from what we are seeing. One thing is nobody truly cared for Mi Ran except for Eun Hee. She’s the only one Mi Ran could completely rely on.

Our Blues ep 16

Jung Joon And Young Ok – Our Blues

Meanwhile, there is trouble in paradise as Jung Joon just expressed his wishes to take their relationship one step towards marriage. This didn’t bring the optimum results. She’s not ready to get married now, and though Jung Joon was not forcing her to get married, his words worked as an unnecessary burden for her. Though after hearing his thoughts about her sister, Young Ok somehow was happy.

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Watch Our Blues Episode 16 Online – Streaming Details

Our Blues Episode 16 will release on its original network, tvN. So the South Korean audience won’t have a problem viewing it. Besides, the drama is also available on TVING, a South Korean streaming platform. As long as the international audience is concerned, you don’t need to worry. The drama is streaming on Netflix. You need to buy one of the subscription plans. Choose whatever suits you the best, and then you are off to go.

Our Blues started on 9th April and is scheduled to end by 12th June, only if no change in the schedule takes place. Each episode is about 60- 80 minutes long. Our Blues Ep 16 will be released at 5:40 pm IST. For Canada and USA, it will be 8:10 am. For the United Kingdom, it will be 1:10 pm, and for Australia, it will be around 10:10 pm.

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Our Blues Episode 16 Release Date

Our Blues Ep 16 will be available on 29th May 2022. We are going through the plot where Yeong Hui reveals how everything has been remembered by her. Is the revelation only because she was disgusted about how Young Ok behaved or just an effect of how she missed her presence? Well, let’s keep that for the upcoming episodes. So don’t forget to watch Our Blues ep 16.

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