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Our Blues Episode 13 Recap: Eun Hee Finally Opens Up About Her Pent-Up Feelings

Our Blues Episode 13 explores the story of Mi Ran and Eun Hee and how with time, the dynamics of their relationship changed. Eun Hee has some harsh feelings, especially since Mi Ran called her a doormat. Besides, Eun Hee thinks that she is always a supporting character in the friendship, as whenever Mi Ran is around her, all focus shifts on her. Episode 13 of Our Blues deals with many such emotions, so keep watching Our Blues.

The drama does a splendid job with its cast as well as the storyline. It’s so well written that every character seems extremely close to one’s heart. Though they go through their moments of happiness, misery, or struggles, it feels extremely personal.

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Our Blues Episode 13 Recap

The day is over, and we witness Eun Hee bringing her ‘best friend’ Mi Ran, who is drunk back home. After putting her down to sleep, Eun Hee releases her stress in a diary. Despite all the hard feelings, she was putting up an act so that she could just repay all the things that Mi Ran did for her. Terming her as selfish, Eun Hee hopes to never become someone like her. That night we saw Ho Shik’s sleep being disrupted due to the ongoing conversation of the couple, Young Joo and Jung Hyun. He found his sleeping place at In Kwon’s house, leaving the two live by themselves.

Our Blues Ep 13

A Stil From The Series

The following day Mi Ran leaves a message for her daughter, who doesn’t want her in her life, or maybe her presence isn’t that much needed. A tear-eyed Mi Ran tells her daughter that they will go see the Auroras together. She decorated and cleaned the entire house. However, when she was reading one of the diaries, she saw what Eun Hee wrote about her the previous night.

After Eun Hee returned, Mi Ran asked her multiple times several ways about if anything from her that may have been disappointing. She even mentioned about the ‘fish comment’ that her real motive was behind the saying was that Eun Hee works so hard every day, so sometimes she should also give herself a break. Dismissing all these, Eun Hee settled for a rather diplomatic answer, that everything was fine.

Meanwhile, the girls got all decked up for the reunion party, and as expected, everyone’s eyes were on Mi Ran.

The iconic pair, Eun Hee and Mi Ran started their performance, and there also Eun Hee got a bit sidelined. This affected her, and silently she left the stage. Meanwhile, In Jeong stepped on Myeong Bo’s foot when she saw he was looking at Mi Ran. She even tried to manipulate Eun Hee against Mi Ran by saying that she looks down upon them as she thinks they are not of her level.

Our Blues Ep 13

A Still From The Series

After the hype subdued a bit, Mi Ran went to buy gifts for Ms. Kang however met Myeong Bo on her way. He revealed how he couldn’t stay with his wife anymore as she physically assaulted him, suspecting him of talking to other women. That was the moment when his wife entered, and the two ladies engaged in a fight as In Jeong tried to pull Mi Ran by her hair. In the heat of the moment, Ki Ran accidentally slapped Eun Hee.

On her way back home, Mi Ran met Ho Shik, who offered her a lift. When asked why he hates her so much, Ho Shik recalled their passed days when Mi Ran behaved harshly with Eun Hee only because she had food from her lunch box.

In a tense atmosphere at home, Mi Ran offers Eun Hee a drink. However, she declined as she had to go to work tomorrow. The real tension arose when Mi Ran revealed the diary where Eun Hee wrote all those things about her.

She stated that if she was a bad friend, then Eun Hee wasn’t loyal as a friend, especially when all this while she pretended with her. The episode ended with Mi Ran mentioning ending their friendship and returning.

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