Our Blues Episode 12 Release Date: I Just Want To Be Happy

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Our Blues Episode 12 will dive more into the lives of the character. Eun-hee meets her friend Go Mi Ran after a long time and with the introduction of this character we can expect a storyline on this as well. Meanwhile, Young Joo and Jung Hyun are now happy as their fathers have approved of their relationship, however, it is still not known if this is the end of their part of the story. 

Dong Seok’s mother has been spitting blood for quite some time now and maybe she is hiding something from her son. It can also be because he doesn’t talk to her that well, so she didn’t want to trouble him by talking about her health issues. Whatever the reason may be the upcoming storyline has a lot to offer so stay tuned. 

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What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 12?

The episode may mainly feature the growth of Seon Ah’s character and also may feature the pace of their relationship. Seon Ah entire world revolves around her son and she’s confident that she’s the one who would win the trial. Despite Dong Seok telling her multiple times to think of the situation if anyhow she loses, she refuses to even think about it.

Maybe he knew if she loses, then it takes even more time for her to recover. To make more memories with her son, she spent the entire day with him on his birthday however, at night after returning she requested her husband to let Yeol stay with her for just one night. In a chaotic situation where both the parents were persistent in their respective decisions, Yeol got afraid and was taken to the hospital. He didn’t want to see her as she pulled him a bit to stay with her. 

Our Blues Episode 12
Young Seon Ah And Dong Seok

For the first time, Seon Ah found someone who would listen to her, her interests, and things that fascinates her. When they were young, both has messed up families so they always used to stick together. Every time Dong Seok used to decide that he won’t involve himself in any of her matters, he just couldn’t help but come to help her. Maybe because many of his questions were unanswered. They shared their moments of confession that how to stop him from beating his friend to death, she pretended to call the police.

Both Seon Ah and Do Seok have lost one of their family members in one of the most tragic ways. However, they have dealt with the situation in different ways. While Dong Seok always looked forward to the present, Seon Ah was scarred for life. 

Our Blues Episode 12
A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, the hanyaeo’s of the Jeju island is planning to keep Young Ok out of the team. However, the captain wants her to stay she has genuinely fallen in love with the island and also loves her work. Though he wants to date her, however the continuous thoughts that she must be lying goes on in his mind all the time. So what can the repercussions of this, might make the storyline of the upcoming episode. 

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Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 12?

Our Blues Ep 12 will be available on its original network Netflix. To get access to the drama you need to buy a subscription plan. Choose any plan that suits you the best and brace yourself for a beautiful and emotional journey. Since it’s on Netflix, the international audience can view the drama easily. Apart from this, the South Korean streaming TVING is also streaming this drama. 

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When Will Our Blues Episode 12 Release?

Our Blues Episode 12 will release on 15th May 2022. Slowing the characters are revealing more of their wounded areas and at a certain point the stories feel so personal and maybe that’s the reason why the drama is receiving so much love. Keep watching Our Blues to know more about the life of the characters on Jeju Island.

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