Our Blues Episode 11 Release Date: I Want To Stay With You

The upcoming episodes of Our Blues will be taking the characters through a different path. Seon Ah is finally smiling while being with Dong Seok. The next one is Our Blues Episode 11. Though she still harbors the pain in her heart, she’s trying to find happiness. It’s truly quite easy to judge and say Be Happy, however sometimes even when one is surrounded by people still one tends to feel lonely. In her married life, she never got the support from her partner that she needed. 

The actors have done a brilliant job of enhancing the personalities of the characters. Our Blues as a drama grows inside one’s heart as it makes one feel warm, sad, smile, and feel all the emotions the characters go through. So stay tuned for further updates and don’t forget to watch Our Blues. 

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What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 11?

From the story of Young Joo and Jung Hyun who were fighting against all odds just to tell their fathers that they will be well off with their child, the story shifts to Seon Ah and Dong Seok. They have come to a mutual understanding as finally Dong Seok’s questions have been answered. Though Seon Ah’s life is surrounded by her son only, Dong Seok, he still loved her the same way he did years ago.

Both of them had horrific childhood where all they craved was love. Since their childhood they were each other’s company when their entire world was crumbling down, they found solace in each other. Dong Seok couldn’t agree with the fact that her husband left her at the time when she needed him the most. Though his words may appear to be a bit blunt, however, it comes from a deeper level.

Our Blues Ep 11
Seon Ah And Dong Seok

For Seon Ah, her entire world was slumping into darkness, depression, and losing the trial for her son’s custody being some of the reasons. He wanted to pick her up from the pit of darkness and by the looks of it, he was gradually succeeding in it. The thought of losing her son was petrifying Seon Ah, however, she was trying to live in the moment as well. Their story is opening in layers and still has areas to explore so that can be part of the future storyline.

If looked a bit closely Dong Seok’s story resembles a bit with Eun-hee’s. She also craved for that one person throughout and though tried to be part of other relationships, her heart lies for that one person only. Though Han-soo left, he remained her eternal love and maybe there can be a similar situation with Dong Seok as well, however, it’s just another theory. 

The Captain And The Hanyaeo

Young Ok and Jung Joon plan to go on a vacation and though Jung Joon assures her that he believes her and that she’s not lying to him, certain inhibitions worked inside him. That’s why he tried to check her phone as to who was calling her. As for Young Ok, though she liked the captain, she wanted to take things slowly at first.

Our Blues Ep 11
A Still From The Series

However, when he asked her if she ever lied or not, she didn’t mention the different kinds of stories she told about her mother. Then was her mother an artist? Well, we will get to know in future episodes. 

Now, the onscreen couple who has successfully stolen our hearts Young Joo and Jung Hyun has finally got the approval of their fathers. To top it all with the good news, they have diluted their hard feelings and now are happy being each other’s in-laws.

Our Blues Ep 11
A Still From The Series

So how can we expect their share of the story to end? That it seems is still under wraps. 

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Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 11? 

Episode 11 of Our Blues will be available on its original network Netflix. The South Korean streaming company has the drama available as well. Don’t forget to watch and check out the upcoming episodes of the drama.

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When Will Our Blues Episode 11 Release?

Our Blues Episode 11 will release on 14th May 2022. The drama throws light on the mental health issue and portrays how one feels when one goes through it. When Seon Ah and Dong Seok were on the ship, Dong Seok mentioned how his mother always looked at the sea and sighed as it took their family away from them. However, if she would’ve just tried to face the other way around then she could’ve witnessed the beautiful mountains and other serene sceneries. Maybe that’s what Dong Seok is in Seon Ah’s life. He is the other way round in her life that she needs to look at.