Our Blues Episode 1 Release Date: Take A Look At The Lives In Jeju Island

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Our Blues Episode 1
Our Blues

It’s just about a few more days before the South Korean drama ‘ Our Blues’ hits the streaming platforms. From the time the drama has been announced, fans have been waiting to see the cast, especially Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah. Though they won’t be playing each other’s love interest in the drama, the comeback of Kim Woo Bin is making the viewers anticipate the drama even more. 

Moreover, if you want to visit a tranquil place, somewhere far from the city life, then Our Blues is there to provide you with serene views of Jeju island. Last year, we got Hometown Cha Cha Cha as one of our comfort dramas. In the case of Our Blues, though the storyline is different, however, it gives the same warm and beautiful vibe. The drama has several stories brought together under one roof. So many different kinds of people, all having a separate life story to share. So brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster while enjoying the view of Jeju Island. 

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What To Expect From Our Blues Episode 1?

Our Blues shares the story of multiple characters who have their respective stories to share with the world. The characters have their share of problems however, they all are somehow or the other connected to Jeju island. The drama presents a plethora of emotions, and each character tries to make their existence worthwhile, all while trying to find happiness. 

A Glimpse Into The Lives Of The People Living On Jeju Island

The drama encompasses the characters living on Jeju Island. Some of them have spent their lives over there, while some migrated to their hometown. Shin Min Ah will be appearing in this drama in a completely new avatar. She will portray a dotting mother who holds some kind of pain in her heart. Maybe it’s something related to her child or her past life? Well, the audience will get to explore an entirely new side of her, and the actress, as well as the production team, are thrilled about it. So we can expect a high-range drama along with some very sweet moments. 

Our Blues
Shin Min An In A Still From Our Blues

Kim Woo Bin portrays Park Jung Joon as a ship captain, and to prepare for that role, he developed a natural tan. He stayed on the island and leads a simple yet peaceful life. His idea of romance is quite old school, where he wants to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, living with the love of his life. Sounds like a character straight out of a classic literary novel. Isn’t it? A romance angle between Han Ji Min and him will take place, and the viewers can’t wait to witness it all. However, his love interest seems to be quite the opposite of his character design.

Our Blues
A Glimpse From The Trailer Of Our Blues

Han Ji Min as Lee Young Ok played the role of a diver who harvests sea life, all while being a bar owner. How she balances, both of her professions are surely going to keep the audience hooked to the screens. A diver as well as a bar owner, that’s not a combination one gets to hear every day. By the looks of it, they will have very separate personality types, and we, just like you, are waiting for it. 

Since it’s just episode 1, we may get an introduction to the characters or how some of them ended up coming back to the place they once abandoned. 

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Where To Watch Our Blues Episode 1?

Our Blues Episode 1 will start airing on its original network, tvN. Along with that, the comfort drama will also be available on Netflix. If you are waiting for some healing dramas, Our Blues seems to be joining that group. The drama, despite its emotional sequences, exhibits an extremely warm feeling. 

When Will Our Blues Episode 1 Release?

Our Blues Episode 1 will release on 9th April, 2022. The drama is scheduled to release on Friday and Saturday with an estimated time of 60 minutes. With an amazing cast and an intriguing storyline, we surely feel that Our Blues will reign in our hearts. 

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