‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3: Choi And Yeon Soo Breaks Up After Dating For 5 Years

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3

Choi Woong and Gook Yeon Soo hates each other when they are children in school. When they are 19 years old, both of them have extremely different life goals. Choi Woong wants to be an artist and have a peaceful life whereas, Yeon Soo is sure she will be successful at whatever she does in the future. In ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 3, Choi and Yeon Soo will meet again. Neither of them ever thinks that they will have to work together in life, but when an opportunity to feature in the documentary comes up, they become the subjects of the film.

Yeo Soo agrees to be a part of the documentary as she will get paid for it, but in the case of Choi Woong, he is practically forced by his parents. When they start working together, they have many fights and obstacles. After ten years, this documentary resurfaces, and people are obsessing over the best and worst students. Let’s find out how this documentary will help the pair meet again after so many years.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The story starts with Choi Woong facing the camera for the documentary he and Gook Yeon Soo are working in. It is May 2011, and Choi Woong is a 19-year-old boy who is uncomfortable around cameras. Both of them are bookworms, and they first met at a library. At least that’s what Yeon Soo thought, but they first met at the school auditorium. Neither of them thought they’d ever get involved with each other, but an opportunity to work on a documentary brings them together.

The first day of the shoot is bumpy as Choi Woong accidentally stains Yeon Soo’s shirt with food. In retaliation, Yeon Soo pours ketchup all over Choi. Later, while she attentively asks questions to the teacher, Choi struggles to stay awake in the class. Finally, the director asks them what will they be like in 10 years? Choi and Yeon Soo have pole apart answers to this question. Yeon Soo wants to lead a successful life, whereas Choi wants to live a peaceful life without working.

After 10 years
After ten years

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After ten years

Gook Yeon Soo is in the middle of a presentation, thinking this is not the life she planned for herself. In her presentation, she suggests a collaboration with a famous artist that will increase the brand value of the client’s company. Now her only mission is to get this faceless artist on board for this project to prove that she is not a baseless person making false promises.

While Yeon Soo is searching for Ko-o, he gets a call from the famous actress NJ. The idol is interested in his work. Also, the documentary that Choi and Gook Yeon Soo shot in high school is gaining popularity after ten years. After intensive searching and many roadblocks, Yeon Soo is able to find artist Ko-o. She visits his house, and a familiar face opens the door. Choi Woong, who is famous as the worst student in the documentary, is leading a successful life as artist Ko-o. In the end, we find out that Choi and Yeon Soo dated for five years, and this is the first time they are meeting after parting on bad terms.

The Upcoming Episode’s Preview

In the preview of the upcoming episode, we see Choi and Yeon Soo fighting again, but this time they are dating. Yeon Soo wants to break up with Choi, but he thinks that she is throwing a tantrum again. The fight escalates, and Yeon Soo accuses Choi of thinking that she is a selfish bitch. As she is leaving, Choi stops her and says he bought the t-shirt she is wearing. Then Yeon Soo throws the t-shirt at his face and leaves.

Choi and Yeon Soo breaks up
Choi and Yeon Soo breaks up.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3 Release Date

‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 3 will be released on 13th December 2021. Kim Yoon Jin directs the South Korean romantic comedy-drama. The actor Choi Woo Shik is playing the character of Choi Woong. He is a person who wishes to have a peaceful life and wants to be successful without doing any hard work. Whereas Gook Yeon Soo has worked her ass off to be the top student at school, but her life did not turn out so great after ten years. The actress Kim Da Min plays the character of Gook Yeon Soo.

Where To Watch ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Episode 3

The official broadcast network for ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is the SBS network. People living in South Korea can watch new episodes of the drama on the SBS network every Monday and Tuesday. International fans can watch ‘Our Beloved Summer’ episode 3 on the international streaming platform Netflix.

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