‘Our Beloved Summer’ Ending Explained: Yeon Soo And Woong’s Love Story

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Our Beloved Summer Ending
Our Beloved Summer Ending

‘Our Beloved Summer’ is a South Korean television series broadcast by the SBS channel. People from South Korea as well as around the world have given this drama lots of love. Kim Da Min and Choi Woo-Shik are the main leads of the drama. Kim Da Min plays the character of Gook Yeon Soo, who is a merit student in high school and does not like lazy people. She does not have parents, but she lives with her grandmother. Also, no one knows that she struggles with her financial condition and works many part-time jobs to support herself and her grandmother.

The male lead Choi Woo-Shik plays the character of Choi Woong. He is a free soul who likes to rest and not do anything. When asked about his life goals, all he says is that he wants to have a peaceful life. Everyone, including his best friend Ji Woong, thinks that he has a great life with loving parents. However, he has a deep secret that keeps him awake at night. When he first meets Yeon Soo, he finds her selfish and tiresome, but as they spend more time together, his perspective changes, and their friendship turns into love.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Synopsis

Both Yeon Soo and Woong studies in the same high school but have very different lives. When Woong first sees Yeon Soo, he thinks that she is a lonely girl who only cares about grades. Their first encounter happens at the school auditorium, where Woong tries to be nice to her with a smile. However, he gets a very rude reaction from her. The next time they meet at the library, both of them are bookworms and like to read books. When Yeon Soo finds out that he reads more books than her, she feels intimidated and asks him about his class rank. When he tells her that he is last in the class, she leaves without saying a word.

These two poles apart people are brought together for a documentary as a company wants to film the best and the worst student. When they start filming, they bicker a lot, and many times their arguments turn into fights. One day when the cameraman goes to get more batteries, leaving them alone, something sparks up, and they form a bond. This is the first time they share a kiss as it rains.

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Our Beloved Summer Final Episode
Our Beloved Summer Final Episode

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Yeon Soo And Woong Break Up

After the completion of the documentary, Yeon Soo and Woong start dating. Their relationship is not always stable, but they love each other very much. They pass out of school and go to college. Moreover, they break up many times and get back together. However, everything comes crashing down when one day Yeon Soo tells Woong that she wants to end their relationship. Woong knows that their journey together has come to an end as Yeon Soo is serious this time. He asks her why she always wants to leave him when things get difficult. To this, she replies that he is the only thing that she can afford to let go of. Woong never gets a reason for the breakup and starts to hate Yeon Soo for what she did to him. Nonetheless, they don’t know that destiny has something better planned for them.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ Documentary

After their breakup, four years pass, and they lead separate lives without bothering each other. Yeon Soo works at a PR firm that handles the publicity of client products. When she is giving a presentation to the owner of Soen Shop, she mentions that their team will get the artist Go-oh to collaborate on the project. At this point, she has no idea who the artist is as he has never revealed his true identity. On the other hand, Ji Woong approaches Woong to make another documentary with Yeon Soo as their high school documentary becomes very popular after ten years.

Somehow Yeon Soo discovers the artist Go-oh’s address and goes to visit him, but she has no idea she is in for a very big surprise. When the door opens, it is revealed that the famous architecture artist Go-oh is Woong. They are both stunned to see each other after four years, but Woong does exactly what he says he would do if they meet after a breakup. He sprinkles water and throws salt on her. Then he closes the door on her face. The next day, he talks to Ji Woong and finds out that Yeon Soo is also against doing the documentary. As he is fixed on making her miserable, he agrees to help her only if she works on the documentary for a month. She thinks it is an absurd idea but finally gives in.

Yeon Soo And Woong Are Friends

As they start shooting the documentary, they eventually fight and say nasty things about each other. However, as days go by and they are forced to spend time with each other, they arrive at a comfortable place. One day Ji Woong’s team kidnaps Yeon Soo and Woong and takes them to a rest house in the forest. When Yeon Soo and Ji Woong are out together taking clips, it starts to rain. As she is looking at the rain, Woong appears out of nowhere and kisses her. This becomes a turning point in their relationship. After this, both of them leave for Seol without telling anyone.

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Yeon Soo always loved Woong, and she still does. After the kiss, she expects Woong to call her, but unfortunately, he is suffering from a fever. After two days, she arrives drunk at Woong’s house and asks him to explain his actions. He says that he will never come into a relationship with her, but he does not want her to not be in his life. He suggests that they try to become friends, but this does not work for them in the end. Yeon Soo is deeply hurt to hear this and decides to act out.

Woong goes abroad
Woong goes abroad

NJ likes Woong

While Yeon Soo and Woong’s relationship status is complicated, the famous pop star NJ is becoming more attached to Woong. She tells him that she likes him and asks him out on a date. When they are out together, someone posts their picture, and both NJ and Woong get a lot of negative comments from people. Also, a new rumor of them dating surfaces. When Yeon Soo finds out about this, she is very upset but decides to go to Woong’s house to give him Jujube berries. As she stands on the door, she encounters NJ, and they have a true-to-the-heart conversation. NJ tells her that she likes Woong and will not give up on him. This makes Yeon Soo reconsider Woong’s feelings for her, and she starts to doubt the chances of getting back together.

Woong Proposes Yeon Soo

On the last day of the shoot, Woong disappears again without telling anyone. This worries everyone and Yeon Soo and Eun-ho search the area to find him. Finally, she finds him sitting at a restaurant drinking alone. As she sits to drink with him, he confesses that he wants her to be by his side and love him forever. Both of them get emotional and get back together into a relationship. As they are drunk, they lie on the footpath, and Woong tells Yeon Soo the darkest part of his life. He reveals that his parents are not his real parents, and his biological father abandoned him in the middle of the street. This is the reason he gets nightmares every night and cannot sleep properly.

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‘Our Beloved Summer’ Ending Explained

After Yeon Soo finds out about the darkest part of Woong’s life, she does not judge him but starts loving him even more. They begin their relationship on a new note and become the cutest couple anyone has ever seen. Woong stops replying to NJ, and this makes her anxious. After many attempts, she tells Woong that she will not call or text him anymore. However, this does not seem to concern him. On the other hand, Ji Woong is also upset about Woong and Yeon Soo getting back together as he likes Yeon Soo since high school. In the end, both of them find a way to be happy for Yeon Soo and Woong.

Yeon Soo and Woong’s relationship is working smoothly, but he feels something is missing in his life when he gets a bad review from a critic. Also, his so-called enemy Noo Ah tells him that he pities him as he has nothing precious in his life that he wants to protect. This makes Woong take charge of his life, and he decides to join an architecture course abroad. He asks Yeon Soo to come with him, but she refuses as for the first time, she is enjoying her life without worrying about anyone else.

Chae Ran and Ji Woong
Chae Ran and Ji Woong

Yeon Soo And Woong Gets Married

A few days after Woong leaves, Yeon Soo is a mess, and she misses him very much. They talk every day and try to keep their relationship strong. However, like every long-distance relationship, they also face some problems. After a few years, Woong returns to South Korea, and his parents arrange a book donation event for kids. As Yeon Soo and Woong are helping out stack the books, he asks her if she remembers when they first met? She is not sure, but when she sees a drawing that Woong made of her the first time they met in the school auditorium, she is overwhelmed. After this, Woong asks Yeon Soo to marry him.

Other than the main couples, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ ending explained articles also brings other characters happy endings for you. Sol Yi and Eun-ho start dating and working together in her restaurant. Whereas NJ talks about Woong in another documentary and gets into trouble with her agency. Still, there are many fans out there who support her. Finally, the one couple everyone has been waiting for, Chae Rae, tells Ji Woong that she likes him and he does not reject her feeling. Moreover, his smile tells that he also likes her.

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