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Our Beautiful Now Episode 5 Release Date: The Lee Boys Trying to Find a Bride!

our beautiful now family portrait
Our Beautiful Now. CR: Otakukart

Netizens and fans cannot believe that it is already time for MBC to come out with Our Beautiful Now Episode 5. With the new MBC drama, “Our Beautiful Now,” fans are able to see new sides of many actors, including the likes of Yoon Shi Yoon, Park In Hwan, Park Sang Won, and Kim Hye Ok.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 5 will now finally be setting the tempo of the storyline. While it is generally observed that MBC dramas are relatively slow paces, fans are gearing up for the actual romantic storylines to start. After the premises and the plot points have been laid out, fans can expect a lot of heart-fluttering moments from Lee Yoon Jae, Lee Hyun Jae, and Lee Soo Jae in their quest to get an inheritance.

Fans are also looking forward to seeing the budding chemistry between the three main romantic storylines, wherein the plot advances as Lee Yoon Jae and Sim Hae Jun’s relationship takes a new turn. We can also see the sparks flying between Lee Hyun Jae and Hyun Mi Rae, and their professional relationship can take on a more soft turn. Finally, the youngest son’s relationship with Na Yu Na can also move forward at a breakneck speed.

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Synopsis of Our Beautiful Now Episode 5

When the brothers got to know what their elders were planning to get them married, they hold a quick private meeting with the three of them. While all three continue to bicker like children, they silently recognize the fact that none of them are ready to back down from this challenge. Lee Yoon Jae and Lee Hyun Jae know that their parents and grandfather have included Lee Soo Jae in order to bait the both of them, knowing that their competitive spirit would not be able to back down from a challenge.

Our Beautiful Now, Episode 3 Stills

Lee Yoon Jae, Lee Hyun Jae, and Lee Soon Jae have a meeting when their family unveiled the plan for them to get married. CR: MBC2

After this meeting, there is a quick cut of scenes. Picking up from the previous episode, we can see Hyun Mi Rae and her “husband,” Park Jun Hyung driving to a pier. Jun Hyung wants to discuss why Mi Rae has served him an affidavit, and before she can reply, he tears the papers and tosses them in her face. Mi Rae is unable to bear his mistreatment and lies anymore, and she gets out of the car. Jun Hyung is hot on her heels – he finally reveals that his family will not give him any of his inheritance unless he is married to Mi Rae for three months. When Mi Rae is still adamant, he grabs her roughly by the arm, and in order to free herself, she accidentally hits Jun Hyung in the face. After this stressful event, Mi Rae and her mom have a drink together.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 5 Screengrabs

Hyun Mi Rae and Park Jun Hyung have a stressful conversation in his car. Cr: MBC2

Moving on to a lighter note, we can see that Lee Yoon Jae and Sim Hae Jun are already acquainted with each other. Since the latter needed to get a root canal, she visited Lee Yoon Jae as her dentist. While Hae Jun did think he was very arrogant and cocky at first, she soon warmed up to him. In a swoon-worthy moment, when Lee Yoon Jae tried to show Hae Jun how to floss, she developed a huge crush on him. Further on in the episode, viewers could see how she was after Lee Hyun Jae to give him her brother’s number as well!

Our Beautiful Now Episode 3 stills

Sim Hae Jun develops a crush on Lee Yoon Jae. CR: MBC2

Our Beautiful Now Episode 5 Preview

As things are gaining momentum, we can see that things are developing slowly and steadily between all the couples. The brothers, as usual, are bickering with each other, trying to show off their qualities and achievements. Lee Soo Jae tries to woo Na Yu Na so that he can inherit the apartment. It also seems that Lee Hyun Jae has found someone else, so he is trying to keep the relationship between him and Hyun Mi Rae professional. In the final shot, viewers can only hope that Lee Hyun Jae is not talking to Hyun Mi Rae when he is saying that he just needs to be married for three months so that he can inherit an apartment.

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Where to watch “Our Beautiful Now” Episode 5?

Korean viewers need not fear – they can watch Our Beautiful Now on the KBS network. However, international viewers can see this episode on Kocowa TV. However, this network is only available in the continental United States, Canada, and some other counties like Puerto Rico. Indians cannot watch this drama due to the same reason.

According to Korean Standard Time, Our Beautiful Now will be airing at 8 pm every Saturday and Sunday. Folks that follow the Eastern Standard Time over in Washington DC can view the program at 7 am. At the same time is applicable to people living in Canada. For Australians, they can view “Our Beautiful Now” at 8:30 pm. People in London can watch this drama at 12 noon. Finally, Indians can watch this program at 4:30 pm. Till then, you can watch the trailer for “Our Beautiful Now” here.

“Our Beautiful Now” Episode 5 Release date

After netizens and people have seen the fun-loving dynamic the Lee family has and the supportive network of family that Jin Soo Jung has, we are sure that they cannot wait for the fifth episode of “Our Beautiful Now” to come out on the KBS network. Our Beautiful Now” Episode 5 will release on a Sunday, on the 16th of April 2022. Mark the date on your calendars so that you do not miss the upcoming episode of this new KBS drama!

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