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Our Beautiful Now Episode 4 Release Date: Race To Get Married Continues!

Our Beautiful Now episode 4
Our Beautiful Now

MBC has recently come out with a solid new drama, “Our Beautiful Now,” starring many fan favorites such as Yoo Shi Yoon, Park In Hwan, Park Sang Won, and Kim Hye Ok. This drama is directed by a stalwart in the industry – Ha Myung Hee, and is directed by the much loved and widely appreciated Kim Sung Geun.

This story is basically a family romance melodrama wherein it chronicles the Lee family. While the older generation is married and well-settled, the audience can see that the younger generation is facing a lot of chosen instability, where they are reluctant to get married and settle down. However, there is one common factor that is tying them all together, and it is their beloved apartment. The elders of the family decide that in order for the younger generation to settle down, they set off a chain of events. Here, whoever is the first Lee brother to get married and find a lovely spouse will inherit the apartment!

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The Plot of Our Beautiful Now

Lee Kyung Chul is the family patriarch. He has lost both his significant other and daughter early in life. But despite facing this problem, he has still not given up on his optimistic perspective on life. Just like an angel sent from the heavens above, he adopts Min Ho during his life’s greatest crisis and raises him like his own son.

Yoon Shi Yoon plays Lee Hyun Jae in the drama “Our Beautiful Now,” and Lee Yoon Jae played by Oh Min Seok, are both the sons of the Lee clan and are successful in their careers as a lawyer and a dentist, respectively.

On the other hand, we have, Jin-Soo Jung, played by Park Ji Young, who has led a happy life, giving birth to a boy and a daughter. However, this family is concerned about their child, Hyun Mi Rae, played by Bae Da Bin, being involved in a fake marriage. Hyun Mi Rae employs divorce attorney Lee Hyun Jae for her divorce case, which begins the Hyun and Lee families’ intertwining.

What to expect in Episode 4?

We see that the youngest of the Lee brothers, Lee Soo Jae, which is played by Seo Bum June, eggs his mother on to check on her oldest son’s finances that have been crashing, and a worried Lee Kyung Ae storms into Lee Yoon Jae’s room, played by Oh Min Seok, has been going into debt.

On the other hand, we have Hyun Mi Rae, played by Bae Da Bin trying to gather evidence against her fake husband who lied to her in order to improve her chances of winning the divorce case. In a sweet parallel montage, we see Hyun Mi Rae and Lee Hyun Jae savoring ice cream at their respective homes. Fans are sure to swoon over such a moment!

We can expect to see a lot more moments when the Lee family’s youngest – Lee Soo Jae is constantly worrying his mum about his eldest brother, Lee Yoon Jae. Lee Min Ho, the father of the three boys might also engage in a lot of sweet monologues where he explains to the public as to what is going on in his mind. In episode 2, we saw that Lee Min Ho basically proclaimed that his favorite was the middle son, Lee Hyun Jae. His wife’s favorite was Lee Soo Jae, and grandpa’s favorite is the eldest, Lee Yoon Jae.

While it might be next to impossible to break the bonds between this family, we can also hope to see a lot of fierce competition between the brothers so that they can escape their poor financial choices and live independently in the process. But knowing the trajectory of all drama plots, fans and viewers are excited to see how these three stoic men grow and mature while finding love as well.

Sparking the natural spirit of competition between the brothers, the issue of inheritance forces them to think about the passing of their parent’s apartment to them. And so, the race to get a spouse is on!

Our Beautiful Now episode 4

The Lee Clan in Our Beautiful Now. Cr: MBC

“Our Beautiful Now” Episode 4 Release date

After netizens and people have seen the fun-loving dynamic the Lee family has and the supportive network of family that Jin Soo Jung has, we are sure that they cannot wait for the fourth episode of “Our Beautiful Now” to come out on the KBS network. The release date of this drama will be on a Sunday, on the 10th of April 2022. Mark the date on your calendars so that you do not miss the upcoming episode of this new KBS drama!

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Where to watch “Our Beautiful Now” Episode 4?

Korean viewers need not fear – they can watch Our Beautiful Now on the KBS network. However, international viewers can see this episode on Kocowa TV. However, this network is only available in the continental United States, Canada, and some other counties like Puerto Rico. Indians cannot watch this drama due to the same reason.

Our Beautiful Now episode 4

Yoon Shi Yoon to shine in Our Beautiful Now. Cr: MOA Entertainment

According to Korean Standard Time, Our Beautiful Now will be airing at 8 pm every Saturday and Sunday. Folks that follow the Eastern Standard Time over in Washington DC can view the program at 7 am. At the same time is applicable to people living in Canada. For Australians, they can view “Our Beautiful Now” at 8:30 pm. People in London can watch this drama at 12 noon. Finally, Indians can watch this program at 4:30 pm. Till then, you can watch the trailer for “Our Beautiful Now” here.

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