Our Beautiful Now Episode 12 packs a punch when it comes to romance and love. Just like all other episodes, Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 had fans itching to know what would happen next. Yu Na’s and Soo Jae’s relationship is blooming, but they might also fall into a trap of a love triangle. With Yu Na and Jeong Hoo getting closer to each other with banter and a love-hate relationship, Jeong Hoo might be a second lead when it comes to Yu Na’s and Soo Jae’s relationship.

Similarly, things seem to be going well with Hae Jun and Yoon Jae. But how will Yoon Jae react when he will find out that it was Hae Jun that got him booted out of the dating show? Ever since a couple of episodes ago, viewers were cognizant that Mi Rae liked Hyun Jae. But when a man has vowed not to love again, will Mi Rae be able to break through his coldness?

Our Beautiful Now Episode 12 is all about how relationships develop. Life is unpredictable, and so are relationships. Building off of that argument, the relationships between the Lee boys seem to be going okay, just not in the direction that they want. Viewers are eager to know how all the relationships develop and how they will help the Lee boys finally grow up.

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What to Expect in Our Beautiful Now Episode 12?

The last episode left us with Mi Rae confessing her feelings to Hyun Jae. When Hyun Jae asked Mi Rae why she asked him not to leave her with Young Eun, Mi Rae got bold and admitted to her feelings. Since Young Eun had already given Hyun Jae a hint that Mi Rae liked him, he acknowledges her feelings but lets her down gently by apologizing and saying that while he does like her a lot, he is unable to differentiate between love and friendship. Hyun Jae also adds that he is not looking for love, to which Mi Rae responds by saying that she does not want him to feel pressured but she just wanted to get her feelings off her chest.

Mi Rae confesses her feelings to Hyun Jae. cr: KBS2

Yu Na and Soo Jae decide to have a late dinner. Yu Na was craving something luxurious and she took both of them to a streetside cart fair. Soo Jae mentioned that if this was her definition of “luxurious,” he would be able to provide her with such food every day. After they were done with their meal, Yu Na conveyed her desire to be kissed at this spot. Soo Jae was hesitant at first, saying that everyone would stare at them.

Responding to this, Yu Na admitted that it was her wish to be at the center of the universe for once, to which Soo Jae agreed to kiss her. Boy, what a kiss that was! Full of longing, emotion, and passion, Soo Jae and Yu Na are finally done playing a game of cat and mouse and have admitted to each other that they like the other one.

our beautiful now episode 12
Yu Na and Soo Jae finally kiss! cr: KBS2

Finally, Hae Jun went to Yoon Jae’s clinic for a checkup. While waiting for her turn, she saw a man harassing Yoon Jae and threatening to sue him. Hae Jun’s instincts as a lawyer took over and she diffused the situation. As she was leaving the clinic with the disgruntled patient, the camera panned to Yoon Jae and his feelings were plastered all over his face. It was clear to everyone that he started to like Hae Jun, but is too blind to realize it.

our beautiful now episode 12
Yoon Jae’s face tells the viewers that he likes Hae Jun but does not realize it. cr: KBS2tiful

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Our Beautiful Now Ep 11 Release Date

All those who have access to the KBS2 channel on their televisions can access Our Beautiful Now every weekend. Our Beautiful Now episode 11 will be released on a Sunday, on the 8th of May, 2022. People are excited to see how Yoon Jae’s and Hae Jun’s relationship will develop when they have gone on a “date” with each other to Wolmi Island. After all, no Korean drama is complete without an amusement park date.

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Where to watch Our Beautiful Now Ep 12?

Koreans can watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 12 on the KBS2 network on the weekends at 8 pm KST. For Americans and Canadians, they can watch Our Beautiful Now Ep 12 on the Kocowa TV app or channel at 7 am EST. Sadly, Indians, Australians, and Britishers cannot watch this drama on any of their channels or streaming services.

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