Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 Release Date: Are Things Complicated or Are the Lee Boys Making it Unnecessarily Difficult?

Hyun Mi Rae celebrates the opening of her fashion consulting services. cr: Otakukart

Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 picks up from where we left off – in a stalemate between Young Eun, Hyun Jae, and Mi Rae. But viewers think that the lack of tact extends from Yoon Jae to Hyun Jae as well. The latter seems impervious to Mi Rae’s feelings for him. At the same time, Young Eun is also not backing off. She is trying to convince Hyun Jae that there is still a spark of chemistry between them. Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 does not cover a lot of developments between Yoon Jae and Hae Jun or Yu Na or Soo Jae. This episode is focused more on the Lee and the Jin families.

There seems to be a ray of hope – the emotions that seem to hang in the air between Yu Na and Soo Jae are finally getting addressed. Viewers are wondering if the “scam” marriage they were going to do might get converted into a real marriage? Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 seems to resolve a few fears that fans had with regards to the direction in which the relationships of the three leading couples will be developing. Keep on reading to have a more in-depth analysis of episode 11 of Our Beautiful Now.

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What to Expect in Our Beautiful Now Episode 11

Soo Jae barged into Yu Na’s apartment. His objective was to “realize” and understand the confusing feelings he had towards Yu Na. So, in order to go about making heads and tails of his emotions, he went in to kiss her. However, at the last moment, Yu Na breaks off the kiss and asks Soo Jae to kiss in a different location. When asked why Yu Na stated that the kiss would give her flashbacks when she would be alone in her apartment. Understanding the subtext, Soo Jae gives her room to breathe as well.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 11
Soo Jae and Yu Na almost kiss! cr: KBS2

Finally, Hyun Jae and Young Eun go to her court hearing. The scales are tipped in Young Eun’s favor. After the hearing Young Eun asks if she and Hyun Jae can get drinks, to which Hyun Jae agrees reluctantly. At the bar, Hyun Jae mentions that when they broke up, he wanted Young Eun to be sad and miserable. But now that she is in a poor emotional state, he feels bad for her. Young Eun chuckles lightly and mentions that this side of Hyun Jae is making him seem more human, and she lays her head on his shoulder.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 11
Young Eun asks Hyun Jae to grab drinks with her. cr: KBS2

Finally, Hae Jun makes an active choice to call Yoon Jae after a disappointing meal alone. He had promised to call her frequently, and when he did not follow up on his promise, Hae Jun takes matters into her own hands and gives him a call. Surprising Yoon Jae, she gets straight to the point and asks him why he hadn’t called her. While Yoon Jae gives some excuse, Hae Jun is quick to call him out and lays her case to rest when Yoon Jae promises to call her more often.

Our Beautiful Now Episode 11
Hae Jun and Yoon Jae get on a call. cr: KBS2

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Our Beautiful Now Ep 11 Release Date

Those who have access to the KBS2 channel can watch a live screening of Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 on 7th May 2022, which is a Saturday. Again, since the relationship between Hyun Jae and Mi Rae seems to be embroiled in a love triangle, fans are waiting as to how these two lovebirds will be able to find their way to each other.

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Where to Watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 11?

Koreans can watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 11 on their set-top boxes, on the KBS2 channel, at 8 pm KST every weekend. Other international viewers can get access to Our Beautiful Now ep 11 on Kocowa TV, which is only available to Americans and Canadians, at 7 am EST. Folks over in Australia, the UK, and India cannot watch this show.

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