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OtakuRage is now open in India, one-stop anime shop for all fans, says co-founder Shubham Sharma

otakurage is an e-commerce website focused on Entertainment & Gaming products, and they in the market for over seven years, selling through websites like TeePublic, TeeFury, Qwertee, RedBubble, and many more. After seven years, they are finally launching an official online store in India. From what we know, the site aims to provide top-notch quality accessories and exceptional quality clothing for pop culture, anime, and gaming niches.

When we asked the co-founder Shubham Sharma what makes their site OtakuRage different from the countless other online stores in India, he responded, “We are committed to serving quality products to our customers in India. We have a policy that if a customer finds the same product on any other website with a lower price, we will beat the price, hands down. What more that, we offer ten days moneyback guarantee no questions asked.” He further added, “Our products are designed and made people who are into the geek culture, so we know what we are doing. We take pride in making Pop culture accessories available in India at an affordable rate while maintaining the top-notch quality of the products.”

The co-founder of OtakuRage also told us that they are planning to bring Anime & Gaming inspired contact lenses, masks, and exclusive accessories in their store, which will be exclusively available in India and will be made in India. The website is very user-friendly from what we have seen and has many neat features, which would ease the product ordering experience.

Otakurage aims to provide consumers the best price that no one else in the market offers; at the very least, this is what they claim and is shown in their store. When asked about the mission, Shubham Sharma responded that “We are not here to do business only, we are here to bring the warm otaku culture in India from Japan. Our mission is to make the Otaku Culture is known in India, over the past years, it has seen tremendous growth in India, and we will make sure that it reaches every corner of India.”

We asked Shubham Sharma of Otakurage about the price of their products, and why their price ends with 420 and 69, they told us, “We did it for the memes.” It is noteworthy that the shop is also selling reusable masks that fall into anime, manga, tv shows, movies, and gaming categories. We are looking forward to what they bring in the near future, they have promised us that they will bring something, that will definitely surprise the Otakus in India.