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Otakukart Artist Focus: Attack on Cuisine

The leading voice of the Indian anime community, Otakukart, has taken on a series of eclectic and diverse initiatives. The latest undertaking of the company is the initiative called Otakukart Artist Focus. This initiative entails seeking individual artistic talents across the world and lending them a voice on a global online platform. Through this initiative, Otakukart plans to shed light on the vastly dispersed artistic talent around us that goes unnoticed. Throughout all the initiatives that Otakukart has taken on so far, the aim has been to serve the anime community as well as the broader community in one way or another. Otakukart Artist Focus is the company’s latest effort to put the underrated artists on the map.

Today we sat down with Attack on Cuisine and talked about their anime-inspired cooking journey. Following is the excerpt from the interview we had with Attack on Cuisine, where the artistic chef talked about their aspirations, inspirations, and the journey so far.

Q.1 Why did you start making anime recipes & what is the dream you are trying to achieve?

A: For a very long time, I have always had a passion for both anime and cooking. Since quarantine started, I found myself having a lot more free time on my hands due to all my classes being online. I wanted to use that free time to do something creative, that’s when I came up with the idea of combining my two passions. I have always been inspired by the likes of Binging with Babish and JunsKitchen, so my dream is one day to be able to upload amazing content like theirs for a large audience.

Q.2 What was the biggest obstacle you faced, and how did you overcome it?

A: The biggest obstacle I faced had to be learning to film and edit videos. I had no knowledge about filming or editing before starting this youtube channel. I had to look up a lot of tutorials and do lots of research to learn it all, which was very time-consuming in the beginning, but it was also lots of fun!

Otakukart Artist Focus

Attack on Cuisine

Q.3 What is your favorite anime recipe you cooked?

A: My favorite anime recipe that I have cooked until now has to be the Oden Soup from One Piece. Even though I didn’t like fish cakes in it, all the other components in the soup were lovely.

Q.4 What is your favorite movie/anime series, and what character?

A: That’s a hard question because I have a lot of anime and characters that I love, but if I had to choose, then it would be the following; my favorite anime is One Piece, my favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle, and my favorite character is Guts from Berserk.

Q.5 How does it feel to be appreciated by thousands of people for the anime recipes you cooked?

A: It feels amazing, I always love it when someone leaves behind a comment on my youtube videos, and I always try to respond back. The interaction with the fans really brings a feeling of joy.

Otakukart Artist Focus

Attack on Cuisine

Q.6 What do you know now about being an anime chef that you didn’t know when you started?

A: It’s a lot harder than I thought to make recipes when you have no guidelines. Sometimes I spend hours researching to figure out the ingredients which are used in a specific dish in a show, but that’s also an enjoyable aspect of it.

Q.7 Would you give any suggestions for the aspiring anime chefs out there?

A: Even if it looks tough in the beginning, don’t let that hold you back from starting your journey. We all make mistakes at first, so don’t worry about that. I have learned many things since I’ve started doing this, and I’m continuing to learn.

Otakukart Artist Focus will be coming back with more such interviews with new artists, till then stay tuned.

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