Dragon Ball Super Episode 01

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 – Where To Watch?

Today we’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Super Episode 01. Dragon Ball Z aired on Toonami back in 1996. More than a decade after this series finished its run, the anime would become a global success. Dragon Ball Z became a gateway anime into the world of Japanese animated entertainment for many viewers around the world. The successful anime by Akira Toriyama, illustrated by Toyotarou, and published by Shueisha produces another great series which we share with our readers today.

Dragon Ball Super tells a story six months after Kid Boo got defeated at the end of Dragon Ball Z and the timeframe is before we jump a decade into the events of the end of the series where Goku parts from the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament to prepare Uub, a reincarnation of Buu’s good spirits.

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Since the time frame is specific, this means that the Dragon Ball GT timeline isn’t present yet. The first episode of Dragon Ball Super plays mind games with its audience. We don’t see Goku as the mythical champion he is; instead, we see Goku as an ordinary farmer.

Episode one of the show will show us the dragon ball universe in peace, with Goku trying to train so he can fight whatever shows up in his way. Dragon Ball Super is notorious for the quality of its animations, many of which we see intertwined with clips from Dragon Ball Z to put the viewer in the context.

Dragon ball super episode 1
Dragon ball super episode one -still

Gohan is caught up in life as ChiChi and Videl take over his daily routine. Goten and Trunks often fight in mischievous adventures as they try to get Videl a nice present. The episodes offer many funny scenes: We even see Majin Buu and Mr. Satan doing some antics as if they were a comedic couple.

There are no major action fights in episode one of Dragon Ball Super. We see many joyous moments on Earth as they become interrupted by a scene in outer space, where the antagonists, Beerus and Whis travel the galaxy. The audience isn’t aware of their intentions, but as the story arc unfolds in the first ten episodes. We are expected to see many of the recaps of two Dragon Ball Z movies. Still, this series is promising and entertaining for a weekly glance.

Fans can watch the show online on Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll. Many Dragon Ball series fans will enjoy the coverage we will do for this series, so we encourage our readers to keep coming back for more information on Dragon Ball Super at Otakukart.com, your source for entertainment, gaming, and movies.