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Oscar Pistorius Net Worth: The Sprinter’s Career & Earnings

What is the net worth of Oscar Pistorius? How much does the sprinter earn, and what else do we know about his career? Starting this article with the basics, Oscar Pistorius is a professional runner born and raised in South Africa. Talking about his identity, he is the 10th athlete to compete at both Olympic and Paralympic Games with amputated feet. He is often called the fastest man on no legs. Oscar is the recipient of several accolades because of his outstanding performances in each of the Games he has played to date. In the 2004 Summer Paralympics, which was held in Greece, he won the bronze medal. Whereas, after four years in 2008, he won the gold medal in the same, held in Beijing.

He excels in his sport but exceptionally with both of his feet amputated. We will be covering more of his career details in the later sections of his career. Oscar Pistorius has fans and followers all over the globe. He is an inspiration to many sports lovers. They are very much into knowing the earnings of the sprinter. Get into this article till the last word. You will learn a lot about Oscar Pistorius.

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Early life & Career Details: What is he famous for?

The professional South African sprinter Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius was born on 22 November 1986. Oscar is a track and field athlete. After a few days, this year, he is going to turn 35 years old. He was born in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Earlier, he used to live in the Transvaal Province. At present, he lives in the Gauteng Province. He studied at the University of Pretoria and earned degrees in sports science and business management. He was born to Sheila Pistorius and Henke Pistorius. Oscar has two siblings Aimee and Carl.

Oscar Pistorius Net Worth

Oscar Pistorius

Now, talking about his career, Oscar, with both amputated feet, has competed at Paralympic Games and Olympic Games. Looking into his successful journey him, he has received several gold medals in the 2008 Summer Paralympics, 2012 Summer Paralympics, 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships, USA Endeavour Games, etc. He also performed in some non-disabled sports events like the 2012 African Championships in Athletics Porto-Novo, where he earned a silver medal. Oscar Pistorius is also the recipient of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award.

Oscar Pistorius also published his autobiography with the titles “Dream Runner” “Blade Runner” in both the Italian and the English versions. He also starred in the Italian versions of the show Celebrity Survivor (2010) and Dancing with the Stars (2012). The sprinter made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show in 2012.

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Oscar Pistorius Net Worth

Be it’s a sportsperson or a celebrity from the entertainment industry, it is not always possible to ascertain their earnings. These types of professions are very uncertain and unpredictable. Thus their earnings also vary from time to time. As far as the South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius Net Worth is concerned, it is estimated to be worth $50 thousand.

Talking about his financial status, once in 2014, he was claimed to be financially broken. During that period, he was unable to pay off his legal defenses. Also, not to forget to mention the time when he was earning well from several sponsorships with Nike, BT. At that time, he used to earn $2 million per year from this. Besides this, if we look into his possessions, he owns a wide range of medals, including gold, silver, and bronze. A major portion of his earnings is from the championships and other games which he plays.

Oscar Pistorius Net Worth

Oscar Pistorius with his amputated feet running the best often called the Blade Runner

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend

As of now, Oscar Pistorius isn’t dating anyone and is currently single. Also, it is not known if he is engaged. He prefers to stay quiet when it comes to his personal life. We will update this section as soon as anything new comes up.

I hope you found every detail about Oscar Pistorius Net Worth in this article. Thank you so much for staying with us till the end of this article.

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