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Preview: Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 12

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose

Osamake: Romcom has finally concluded. The students are ending their final journey; let’s find how the love story of the students concludes. In the morning, Haru went to the hospital to get his bandage chance changed since his arm got broken during the summer vacation. He gets furious when he finds that Ohari wrote her name on top of the bandage. Ohari replies that the dressing came like that, and there is no proof that she wrote her name.

Kuroha arrives and finds Ohari trying to write something on Haru. Ohari comments that Haru forces her. Kuroha decided to teach Ohari a lesson for taking advantage of Haru. Haru is surprised about the things Kuroha did to Ohari. Kai called and surprised Haru by saying that he got that guy and is with him. Haru wonders what Kai is saying. Kai replies that he will send pictures of that guy, and they will know when they see him. Kuroha asks Haru about what is happening, and he realizes something.

Later the guys find about the Morden Day Weekly and that Haru was the protagonist mother in Child King. They also discovered that Haru’s mom died in an accident, and Haru hid the truth. The students also find out about the newspaper revealing that Haru lost his birth mother during the drama filming. Kai arrived and said the articles are disgusting articles that expose and publicize stories as they please. He is worried that the reporters have disclosed Haru’s life in public without Haru’s consent. The girls vow that they will make that guy pay since he is hurting people’s feelings.

Previously on Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 11

Kai advises the girls not to rush things or end up getting hurt. He said he is a bad guy, and he knows how bad guys rolls. Kachi asks if he is suggesting they should give up. Kai replies that they have to come up with a plan before they do something. The girls tell him to tell them the plan he has, and Kai said if Haru refuses, it means that the project is off. Kachi told Kai to talk, and he spoke about the Tv Network that a significant company interfered with the network. The students spoke about the biggest company in Japan.

Haru realizes that it is related to Child King. Kachi suggests they should make a documentary about Haru and tell the world that everything is accurate. Haru agrees with Kai’s ideas and asks the rest of the girls to help him. The girls decide, and they begin with the plan to get rid of the guy who ruins the youngsters’ future. Haru raises his fist and shouts, let’s crush them. Kai comments that they will have to start by creating a documentary. Maria raised her hand and said that the three of them got involved in Haru’s past.

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose


Kachi comments that about a documentary in which they act as the interviewers and asking about Haru past will trigger the old memories for Haru. Kuroha asks Haru to tell them about his history. Kai agrees with Kuroha’s idea since more information from Haru will be vital. Kachi suggests that they should come to her house and started to execute their ideas. Later after school, the students head to Kachi’s house and begin with a documentary. Kai is the cameraman direction Haru and the rest as they talk about Haru’s past.

Kachi starts by asking Haru about Child King and how Child King changed his life. Haru replies that people always put him on the drivers’ sit at home, work, and school. He appreciates that the girls and students around him treat him as their equal, and that makes him feel at ease, and they are essential to him. Haru talked about the time Kachi became his writer, and he was excited. The students also spoke about the confessional festival. Kachi reminds the time Haru wanted to take her to Tokyo Tower for the Filming.

The two recall their childhood and how Haru fell in love with Kachi at a young age. Kachi comments that Haru is a talented star who seemed like Superman to her. That day Kachi agreed to go with Haru to Tokyo Tower. At that moment, Kachi’s life changed. She thought that she earned a ticket to go anywhere in this world. In the present, Haru smiled that they never made it to Tokyo Tower since he quit after hearing about his mom’s accident. Kachi replies that Haru couldn’t help it since he is the man of the hour and her Superman.

Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 12 Release Date

Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 12 release date is 30 June 2021, at 9:00 PM JST. You can watch Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose online on Crunchyroll.

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