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Only Murders In The Building Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Only murders in the building episode 9 release date
Only Murders in the Building streams on Hulu and Disney+Hotstar.

Episode 9 of Only Murders in the Building will follow up after the shocking ending of episode 9. The previous episode saw our podcasters and Detective Williams finding out that Dimases didn’t kill Tim Kono. Culminating their true-crime saga with a trending finale podcast, Mabel, Charles, and Oliver celebrated. However, something is amiss. Even the fans catch on to it and claim that things don’t quite add up. And sure enough, the podcasters are hit with a shocking twist. As it turns out, their investigations have not yielded proper results. Making matters graver is the attack on Jan’s life.

After the cliffhanger ending of episode 9 that tangled more threads than it solved, what awaits further is surely exciting. As the mystery deepens, the stakes are higher than ever. Our true-crime connoisseurs can’t err anymore, especially since they already have. And they have already incurred damages due to their hasty and erroneous judgments. Read on to learn more about what episode 10 of Only Murders in the Building will entail. Spoilers for episodes 8 and 9 ahead!

Only Murders episode 8 Ending

Fans of the Only Murders in the Building podcast sitting outside Arconia to show their support.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of Only Murders in the Building is set to release on October 12, 2021, at 12:00 a.m. EST, on Hulu. Titled “Double Time”, the episode will deal with the aftermath of the events of the previous episode. New episodes of the comedy-crime mystery drop every week on Hulu on Tuesdays. Episode 9 will mark the penultimate entry of season 1, with the finale episode releasing on October 19, 2021.

Only Murders in the Building is available to stream on Hulu, where it airs every week on Tuesdays. You can also catch the show on Disney+ Hotstar every week on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. EST. For international audiences, the show is available across the streaming hub Star as an original series. In Latin America, the show is available to stream on Star+.

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What Happened Previously on Only Murders in the Building — Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of Only Murders in the Building opens with the die-hard fans of the titular podcast. These fans, the “day-oners,” call themselves “Arconiacs”, sitting outside the Building with posters demanding an update on the true-crime podcast. These fans include a kid named Grant, who, although a hardcore fan of the podcast, is the most impatient one. Paulette is a bubbly lady in a wheelchair, and Marv is a gritty old man who has some family issues. Leading this band of die-hard fans is Sam, the biggest fan of them all. The episode cuts to Theo taking Oliver and Mabel to a remote place after kidnapping them. He gets them out of the van, and welcoming them outside is none other than Teddy Dimas.

Teddy gets Oliver and Mabel inside his car to drive them home. On the way, he tells them to stop pursuing himself and his son as the suspects. He then suggests they pin Tim Kono’s death to suicide — a consequence of his loneliness. If they don’t do it, well then, they’d have to pay with their lives. After Teddy drops Oliver and Mabel off at the Building, they both rush to Charles’ apartment. There they meet Jan, who prepares tea for them. Charles arrives, and Oliver tells him about Teddy’s death threat. However, Jan and Charles inform them that they dug out Kono’s laptop and found a lot of incriminating evidence against Dimas. Jan tells them that Tim saw Theo at the roof when the girl died 10 years ago. Mabel realizes it was Theo that Tim saw that night.

The Arconiacs Join In

Charles informs them that Kono had been trying to get back at the Dimases for all these years. Well, until his death, which Mabel suggests confidently as the result of Tim’s murder at the hands of Teddy. However, Jan isn’t too keen on that theory and suggests they don’t jump to conclusions. Mabel then tells Charles to come up with a backup until they make their podcast within Teddy’s given deadline. And so the trio meets up with Detective Williams. She tells them to make the podcast and find the who’s and why’s. Meanwhile, she will be running a toxicology report and fingerprint scan off the laptop someone wrote Kono’s goodbye on.

Who killed Tim Kono

Oliver re-enacting Tim Kono’s murder with the help of the Only Murders podcast fans.

The trio then heads off to Charles’s apartment to piece together the puzzles. Jan and Oscar arrive too. As they start brainstorming, Jan has her own suggestions and suspicions, which Oliver and Mabel don’t take too fondly to. Oliver then goes to buy some food for himself. When he returns to the Building, he runs into the Arconiacs again. That’s when it strikes, and Putnam decides to enlist the fans into their investigation. Sam, Paulette, and Marv turn out to be helpful. Meanwhile, Jan suggests that they should be paying attention to other suspects too. However, switching over to other suspects now is not an idea Mabel and Oliver are keen on.

The Podcast Arrives — The Dimases Did It, Or Did They?

Oliver then reenacts Tim Kono’s murder with the help of the Arconiacs with a play representation. His conclusions paint Theo as the killer. Jan, however, persists in paying attention to other suspects, mainly Howard. Oliver refutes her suggestions dismissively, and the trio prepares to start recording the podcast. Oliver rudely tells Jan to exit and let them get on with it. Jan, offended, leaves and heads off to her apartment. When Jan reaches her apartment door, she finds a note stuck to it. Like the one Charles received way back, Jan’s note is also a threat from an anonymous source. It reads, “I’m watching you.” Meanwhile, Oliver, Mabel, and Charles finish recording their podcast and upload it.

As the Dimases find out that the podcast is out, Detective Williams arrives and arrests them. Mabel, Oscar, and Oliver celebrate as Charles messages Jan asking her to join them and also apologizing for the last night. Williams calls Putnam to tell him how the chief called to arrest the Dimases after the podcast starts trending. However, this was not the win they all were thinking it was. Detective Williams receives the tox report, and it suggests that Tim Kono was poisoned. What’s more, is that there are security camera photos of the Dimases standing outside the Building when the murder happened. Charles goes to Jan’s apartment with a flower bouquet to apologize. However, as he enters through the door, which was already opened, he finds Jan unconscious on the floor, bleeding from her stomach. As Charles shouts for help, the episode ends.

Is Jan dead in only murders in the building

Charles checks up on Jan only to bear witness to a disturbing discovery.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 9 Preview and Spoilers

Episode 10 of Only Murders in the Building will see the trio dealing with the unexpected turns the case has taken. Their investigations have led them to the wrong suspects. The new evidence clears the Dimases of their alleged crime. What’s more, is that Jan’s reservations on finalizing the Dimases as the prime suspects were right. There is someone else who was behind Tim Kono’s murder. Jan also got that threatening note in this episode. Who might it be? The plot has thickened, and our podcast trio is in real trouble now. Episode 9 ended with Jan on the floor, bleeding heavily from her stomach.

Her fate is ambiguous right now, but it doesn’t seem that she’s dead. We might see her being rushed to the emergency care in episode 10 of Only Murders in the Building. If she gains consciousness, Jan might be able to reveal the identity of the attacker. At this point, though, it’s likely that Mabel, Charles, and Oliver would have to find the culprit out on their own. On the other hand, Dimases might get off the hook, although they still have a lot of other crimes on their portfolio. Williams will also be in trouble, both from her superiors and maybe even from the real culprit. The Tim Kono murderer may now be out to get all the others in the podcast.

Who Killed Tim Kono and Other Pressing Questions

The pressing question remains— Who killed Tim Kono, if not the Dimases? Also, why did the real killer attack Jan? Was Jan really onto something in thinking that Howard shouldn’t be written off just yet? Is the cat guy the killer? Or is the culprit someone else entirely? The mystery remains, and it has just gotten more complex. We can expect Episode 10 of Only Murders in the Building to see the fallout of the podcast finale that has not solved the true-crime our protagonists were thinking it did.

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