Today we are going to talk about 8 One Piece characters who are almost(Closest to Immortal) immortal.

8. Brook

Soul King ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, a Devil Fruit which enables its possessor to revive after their death; in fact, he really died in the period, and his soul spent a full year to find its body so that it decomposed.

Brook is nearly immortal since his body doesn’t require food or water, he isn’t concerned by the flowing of time, so Brook can’t get older and, for this logic, he can’t reach an age in which he should be assumed to die.

7. Ivankov

Ivankov ate the Horu Horu no mi, Which allow him to controls the hormones of the human body.

This allows him to boost a person’s chance of survival from conditions that would otherwise mean certain death.

He is also a good fighter, So with his regeneration powers, it’s tough to kill him.

6. Enel

Enel gets his Devil fruit ability from the Logia-type Goro Goro no mi, which allows him to transform into, create, and control Lightning. Its also gives him the ability to restart his heart after being near Death.

He also has terrific Observation Haki. Because of these powers, the Goro Goro no Mi is one of the rare Devil fruits to be considered as “Invincible.”

5. Bonney

Bonney exhibits unexplained powers that appear to come from Paramecia-type Devil Fruits that involves age manipulation. She can alter the age of herself and others.

Age can’t kill her but a person can. That’s why the world government cares about her.There is a big chance that they are using Bonney’s abilities.

A word Immortal doesn’t fit her, but age can’t kill her so, she deserves a place on this list.

4. Hawkins

Basil Hawkins’ Devil Fruit allows him to redirect any instances of physical damage inflicted upon him to another person or persons. Kizaru killed Hawkins 10 dolls. That means Kizaru killed him 10 times, But he still survived. With 100+ Dolls he will be nearly immortal.

3. Tamago

Baron Tamago is a “Knight” Tamago ate the Tama Tama no Mi, Which allows him to evolve into a stronger form that regularly loses his human appearance and gives him the look of a chicken every time he does so.

This endless Cycle completely prevents the user from dying in battle.

2. Marco

Marco ate Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit which enables him to transform into a Phoenix.
Marco can regenerate any wounds with the Blue flame he generates. It makes him almost immortal. I think the only way to kill him is using the Sea stone and Powerful Haki.

1. Kaido

“Kaido of the Beasts,” Kaido Survived a lot of Tortures. He was sentenced to death 40 times, But he is still Alive. Kaido’s hobby is attempting Suicide. We don’t know what his power is, But it seems its impossible to kill one of the Strongest Creature.


One Piece – How Strong Is Benn Beckman?

We know that the Yonko Shanks is a very mysterious character, but do you know who is even more mysterious than him? The members of his crew, the Red Hair Pirates! In fact, we don’t know almost anything about them.

Despite this, we saw some of them during the story of One Piece; in particular, a lot of fans focused on the character of Benn Beckman, who appeared during the Marineford war as an incredibly powerful and skilled pirate. But who is he in reality?

Benn Beckman is the 1st mate of Shanks’ crew and he’s also the most trusted member along with Yasopp and Luck Roo.

Looking on the Internet, we can easily come to understand that, this character, is modeled after Johann Beckman, a german scientist and inventor; Johann has been the man who first introduced the word “technology” and, in addition, he has also been the first person to teach “technology” in a school as an academic subject.

In fact, probably due to this reference, Benn Beckman has the highest IQ of anyone in the East Blue and, for this reason, I think he’s both an inventor and a shipwright, like Usopp and Franky in the Mugiwaras.

In Marineford we saw that he has been able to fight against Shiliew Of The Rain using only his rifle, although his enemy was an able swordsman; moreover, Admiral Kizaru demonstrated to be afraid of him, but we know that Kizaru is strong enough to have fought against Marco The Phoenix, Whitebeard and to have defeated easily 4 Supernovas. So what are Benn Beckman powers?

First of all, I think that he can use both Haoshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, since, in my opinion, he has used Busoshoku Haki to cover his rifle against Shiliew; in addition, as the 1st mate of Red Hair Pirates and since his captain is able to use Haoshoku Haki, he’s really likely to be able to use it too.

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