Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Luffy’s new form, and its unbelievable power. Luffy has been fighting Katakuri in the mirror world for a long time now. For the most part, Katakuri has been dominating Luffy in this battle. Despite not being at his maximum power, Luffy has been thrashed around in the entire battle.

However, credit where due, Luffy is extremely resilient. He keeps on getting up, again and again, and his fighting skills are slowly improving as well.

I previously theorized how Luffy was actually being trained by Katakuri, and that’s what I believe even now. Katakuri is training him, because he’s intrigued by his potential. He doesn’t care about anything else right now, and all he wants is to enjoy this fight with Luffy, and win it without any interruptions.

Last week, we saw Luffy finally enter Gear 4th, and a new form was teased. This week, we finally got to see what Snake man actually was.

To be honest, this is Luffy’s coolest looking form. It isn’t fat, and goofy like Boundman, and neither is it fat like Tankman. I think everyone was expecting this one to look funny somehow, but Oda gave us a great looking form for once, and I think I absolutely love it.

Luffy was able to take Katakuri by surprise in this Gear, and with the unpredictability of his moves. As speculated by many, Luffy used Culverin in this form, but a better version of the regular Culverin, called Jet Culverin.

As explained by Luffy himself, Snakeman is a lot faster than the regular Boundman, and that’s why this form had the best chance of working against Katakuri. Luffy was able to fight Katakuri a little better, and even landed a couple of blows.

But, Katakuri being the monster he is, saw through most of the attacks, and still managed to beat the living crap out of Luffy.

I know this will be a lot to take for the Luffy fanboys out there, but he doesn’t deserve to win this battle. Katakuri has bested him in every single aspect. He is the better version of Luffy, and there’s no way that Luffy is stronger than Katakuri.

Earlier, fans argued if Katakuri was strong enough to fight Gear 4th, but with this chapter, it was pretty much obvious that despite Snakeman being the optimal form against Katakuri, Luffy got wrecked.

If he had used Boundman, he’d have been in an even worse condition. The battery has ended now, and we don’t know who the victor is. But, I believe it is either a draw, or Katakuri has won the battle. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

After Whitebeard’s burial, Shanks was seen heading off, and that was it. After that, we’ve seen Shanks in one cover story where he was attending someone’s wedding, along with his entire crew. We haven’t seen him ever since.

Now, I believe that we’ll be seeing Shanks in the series sooner than you expect. Most people believe that Luffy will first defeat Kaido, then Big Mom, then Shanks, and then Blackbeard.

But, there are two things that they forget. The first is that Luffy isn’t the only one targeting Yonko in One Piece. There are others as well. If Luffy can succeed, so can they. The second and the most important detail is that Kaido intends to start the world’s greatest war.

Now, thinks about it. Marineford was huge. We saw a Yonko and his allies, against Navy and Shichibukai. On top of that, we got Blackbeard intervening, and Shanks showing up as well.

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