Recently, a lot of debate is going on. Whether Zoro is going to be facing off against Mihawk or Shillew in order to obtain the title of world’s strongest swordsman. I among other people, feel that it is going to be Shillew. While the majority of the fans are adamant that it is going to be Mihawk.

The major point being is that a lot of people feel that is not capable of defeating Mihawk and obtaining the title of worlds strongest swordsman. Before I get into my theory on Shillew’s new power-up. I’d like to express my reasons as to why Mihawk doesn’t make a suitable “Last Opponent” for Zoro.

To me, I feel that Mihawk is to Zoro, what Shanks is to Luffy. Shanks and Mihawk are both the goal and driving force behind Luffy and Zoro. These are the two men who they must surpass in order to achieve their dreams. These men are the very reason Luffy and Zoro began their quest in the first place. In the case of Zoro and Mihawk though, in the beginning, it could have been anybody. Zoro just desired the name of the “Worlds Strongest Swordsman” which now so appeared to belong to Mihawk. That all turned though with their first meeting at Baratie. Mihawk recognized Zoro for his courage. Similar to Shanks had noticed Luffy in the past.

Skip to one year later, and now we have Mihawk once again acknowledging Zoro. But this time it’s for Zoro’s willingness to discard his pride and ask the man who he wishes to surpass for his help. All for the sake of his captain. Now we have a Master-Student relationship developing with Mihawk and Zoro. A battle between these two at this point is starting to feel more and more like a “Duel” and not some huge epic fight to the death for the title of World’s Strongest Swordsman.

Finally, nobody “hates” Mihawk. He’s not that type of character. He’s not evil or notorious, for hurting people. He’s quiet, he keeps to himself, and he only takes action to relieve his “boredom”. The hype between a Zoro and Mihawk match-up ends with “A duel to see who’s the strongest” that’s it.

With the relationship that has developed between Mihawk and Zoro. It sets up the perfect match-up between Zoro and someone who actually defeats and kills Mihawk. Now not only has the person killed Zoro’s “goal”. They’ve also killed the man who he calls master, and has taken the title Zoro has dreamed of his whole life. That’s way more of a hype and build up for an epic final battle.

Now on to Shillew vs. Mihawk. People seem to underestimate Shillew and believe that it’s impossible for him to defeat Mihawk. But let’s look at the facts. He was the Vice-Warden of Impel down considered being just as strong as Magellan. He was considered to be so vicious and ruthless that he was locked in his own cell on level 6 in Impel Down. A place where only the most dangerous and strongest characters are placed. Does this warrant him strong enough to take down Mihawk? No, it doesn’t, but here is where the theory really kicks off.

During the events of Marineford, we get to see one epic scene between the Worlds Strongest Swordsman vs. “Diamond”. It’s brief, but it left me wanting to see more of a swordsman vs. a person made of diamond. The only problem is, I don’t want it to be Jozu.

That’s when I remembered that the Blackbeard pirates are hunting down powerful Devil Fruit users in order to gain their abilities, and then it hit me. If they were to take down Jozu and steal his Devil Fruit, then Shillew would become a Diamond Diamond man. If you add that to the fact that he is already very powerful, Now he is capable of going toe to toe with Mihawk and defeating him. We’ve already seen Daz Bones make the statement “What are you going to cut next? Diamond?”. But a fight between Zoro and Jozu is not just stupid. But it will never happen to look at Luffy’s connection with the Whitebeard Pirates.

But a battle between Zoro and “Diamond” Shillew would be epic, particularly if you build it up with the death of Mihawk at Shillews hands. That is precisely why I believe Zoro’s last opponent is going to be Diamond Head Shilliew.

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