Shanks, the man who one-handedly stopped The Marineford War, But how did he prevent Kaido from attending the War?

Kaido was stopped by Red Hair Shanks, a day before the Marineford War. Now, it is revealed that the two had a short encounter, and nothing significant happened. But, looking at Kaido’s character, do you actually think he’d let a rival leave without a fight?

There are some possible theories considering that around, so let’s examine some of them.

1. Shanks gave Kaido a powerful Devil Fruit

This could work to stop Kaido from going to Marineford, If and only if the fruit that Shanks gave to Kaido was an extremely Rare fruit.

Seriously, that Devil fruit has to be without a doubt a Zoan and extremely rare.

2. Shanks Gave Kaido a National Treasure

The thought of this came up after Big Mom dismissed Luffy’s Behavior on Fishman Island when she received the “Fishmens’ National Treasure.” I think Big Mom is the most mental of all the Yonkos, so if she forgave Luffy, I guess Kaido would call it ends if he received a national treasure.

3. Shanks gave Road Ponegylph to Kaido

Shanks managed to stop Kaido by making him an offer he couldn’t refuse. This was likely a Road Poneglyph. That’s right. Shanks gave his own Road Poneglyph to Kaido, which is why one of them is missing. Because it was a fair deal, Kaido backed down, and Shanks left to stop the war of Marineford.

And it would also help to give more understanding of why now did Kaido invade Wano Kuni in search of Oden – The only other known person who was alive recently who could read the Poneglyphs.

4. Shanks fought against Kaido

There are always Matches being drawn between Shanks and Luffy So it wouldn’t be fair for us to conclude that Shanks has powerful Characters within his fleet that could hold of Kaido and his crew to give Shanks and his team enough time to stop the Marineford War.

Kaido is a total monster, and there’s no way Shanks managed to beat him then and there. Most significant of all, it would have taken days for him to do that, even if he could.
Shanks was at Marineford the next day after the encounter.


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