The Secret Member Of The Revolutionary Army

Hey guys. The Revolutionary Army is one of the biggest organizations in the world. They are hated by the World Government as they are the biggest threat to their dominance. The World Government has been kept on their toes by the Revolutionary Army for quite some time now.

The Revolutionary Army was created by Monkey D. Dragon. He is the leader of the organization. We don’t know what forced Dragon into creating the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army had its headquarters in Baltigo. However, the island was destroyed by the invasion of the Blackbeard Pirates. We have very limited knowledge about the Revolutionary Army and it’s members. However, according to a new theory, we may have a new addition to the ranks of the Revolutionary Army.

We know that Kuma used to work with the Revolutionary Army. But later he stopped and started working with the World Government and he was named a Royal Warlord. Many a times, I have heard that Kuma is no longer working with the Revolutionary Army, but this theory might change all of it.

Suzail Ahmed

Written by Suzail Ahmed

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