Zoro is the first mate of the Strawhat Luffy. He is a talented swordsman, who desires his name to be recognized throughout the world.

Roronoa Zoro’s back-story rotated around his relationship with Kuina, and how he developed his desire, but it was never stated on where he came from, he arrived in front of Koshiro desiring to challenge every pupil in Koshiro’s dojo and we remember how it turned out between him and Kuina.

To this day, the People of D. stay shrouded in the riddle, but Chapter 764 may have explained one way to recognize a member. From Corazon, we saw that in a particular land the People of D. are identified as the “Enemies of the Gods” & the Celestial Dragons are these Gods. We also received the People of D. have a belief that pits them toward the Celestial Dragons.

So, we grasp that the People of D. have been opposite the Celestial Dragons.

Luffy knocking a Celestial Dragon was an example of this. but, there was also another Straw Hat member who on two events drew his sword against the same Celestial Dragon. Yet after being informed of the results, it did not stop Zoro just like his captain. Capone Bege and Bonney described Zoro as crazy. As outlandish as the other Worst Generation parts are, Luffy and Zoro are the insane.

In two separate arcs, Zoro has stated he has never prayed to God. Although for the initial time the Kami Zoro was pointing to was Enel. However, the second time Zoro clearly said he does not pray to any God. His opinion, of refusing to pray and fear the Gods and his acts against the Celestial Dragon in Sabaody Archipelago suit quite well with Corazon’s statement.

We see there was a lot of related characteristics of Zoro with members of the D clan.

Now, You’ll get the idea that “hey, Zoro is an anti-God, then that means he is a D!”

While I don’t truly see Zoro being a “D”, there is a chance of Zoro being from a specific Clan that was too against Celestial Dragons.

The Real Reason Why Zoro Can Use Demon Attacks

As some of you know Oda worked as an assistant on different anime and manga before going out on his personal. One of these series he worked on is Rurouni Kenshin. In this series, the Swordsman spirit was a very significant thing. Also, Haki and spirit are primarily the same words, some subtitles say Spirit few says Haki.

Early in the series, There was a character who is capable of using his spirit in an exciting way. With his eyes, he handles his spirit to paralyze weak people with fear?

Basically, in that series, there was a character who used his spirit in the identical way as Conquerors Haki is utilized. Later we see swordsman display their spirits in different ways being dependent upon the warrior. What if Zoro is not controlled by Ashura, his attacks are just how he manifests his Swordsman Spirit.

We have seen Various swordsman use strikes that apparently have no point. Not just Zoro, but if you go back to Marineford you’ll notice Mcguy and Vista.

Vista could make flowers appear out of nowhere and Mcguy could use lightning. Then there’s Kin’emon who can use fire. High-level Swordsman all seem to have been held a manifestation of their spirit.

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