Hey everyone! One Piece manga chapter 895 is out, and I’m going to talk about the events of the manga in this post. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you haven’t read the chapter already, then I suggest you do that now. However, if you’ve read it, or if spoilers don’t bother you, let’s get started.

Oda has been surprising us with awesome One Piece content for past three weeks now. I think the last 3 chapters have been epic, and this one was just as good as any other we got this year.

One Piece chapter 895 saw Luffy go Snakeman for the first time against Charlotte Katakuri. As expected, Luffy just got a lot stronger in this form, and his speed increased tremendously. His attack pattern is also very interesting, and it is something that Luffy should be proud of.

With the ability of Culverin, Luffy’s attack pattern cannot be predicted easily. Katakuri had a lot of trouble dealing with it at first.

However, once he got the hang of it, he was back at a great advantage. Katakuri has been dominating the fight for the most part, and despite Luffy getting a new Gear 4th form, he’s struggling. Katakuri is just better, and stronger.

He’s the better version of Luffy, and just as Rayleigh said, 2 years of time isn’t nearly enough to match someone like Katakuri.

Luffy also used a lot of other interesting attacks on Katakuri, like Black Mamba, and I was very impressed with the working pattern of this ability. Regardless, Katakuri saw through this ability as well, and he was basically winning this battle all along.

Luffy’s final, and strongest attack in this form is called King Cobra. We don’t know the power of this attack yet. However, it is likely going to be something comparable to King Kong Gun.

I doubt if Luffy can win this battle. In my opinion, Luffy cannot win this battle. If you look at the fight as a whole, Katakuri has been the dominant force all the time.

Even Luffy’s new Gear didn’t work against Katakuri as he’d liked. To me the outcome of this battle is clear. Katakuri cannot lose. It is either going to be a draw, or Luffy will lose this fight. Simple as that.

I don’t know how anyone sees Luffy winning this. If he does, I don’t think I’d be happy with the outcome of the battle. Not because I’m a Katakuri fan, but because Katakuri has been dominating the entire fight. Losing now wouldn’t make any sense.


Luffy Just Revealed His Strongest Attack Ever In The Latest One Piece Chapter

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about One Piece chapter 895. The chapter has been out for quite some time now. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest that you do so. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, or if you’ve read it already, let’s begin.

One piece chapter 895 was hands down one of the most epic chapters in the Whole Cake Island arc. While I don’t think that this one tops One Piece Chapter 893, I do believe that it was a lot more action-oriented, which makes it comparable to 893, quality wise. As we’ve been told before, Katakuri vs Luffy is near its end now. We’ve seen them fight for about 13-15 chapters now, and every bit of it has been awesome. Luffy has really grown in this fight, and I like the way Oda handled his development for the most part.

With Snakeman, we got another look at how strong Luffy’s gear 4 actually is. While he isn’t exactly on the same level as Charlotte Katakuri, he is very close now, and with a little more effort, Luffy can even match him.

In this chapter, we saw the might of Snakeman. I think this is Luffy’s strongest form yet. While it is true that Snakeman lacks the high power potential of Boundman, Luffy is definitely a lot faster in this form, and the speed makes up for the loss of power, which means the momentum is pretty much the same.

However, this form is a lot less predictable than Boundman. I like that aspect of it.

Further, when Luffy uses future sight Haki in this form, he instantly becomes a lot more powerful than before, and that really makes him far stronger than he ever was in Gear 4 Boundman.

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