As some of you know Oda worked as an assistant on different anime and manga before going out on his personal. One of these series he worked on is Rurouni Kenshin. In this series, the Swordsman spirit was a very significant thing. Also, Haki and spirit are primarily the same words, some subtitles say Spirit few says Haki.

Early in the series, There was a character who is capable of using his spirit in an exciting way. With his eyes, he handles his spirit to paralyze weak people with fear?

Basically, in that series, there was a character who used his spirit in the identical way as Conquerors Haki is utilized. Later we see swordsman display their spirits in different ways being dependent upon the warrior. What if Zoro is not controlled by Ashura, his attacks are just how he manifests his Swordsman Spirit.

We have seen Various swordsman use strikes that apparently have no point. Not just Zoro, but if you go back to Marineford you’ll notice Mcguy and Vista.

Vista could make flowers appear out of nowhere and Mcguy could use lightning. Then there’s Kin’emon who can use fire. High-level Swordsman all seem to have been held a manifestation of their spirit.

Zoro’s appears to be manifested the Spirit of Demons he summons.

We also saw Zoro uses the Fear paralyzing move on Monet, Zoro made her feel so much scared that she could not even move to avoid his attack.

Before Zoro ever got his hands on a cursed Sword he used Demon attacks like Onigiri. It was only after Enies lobby, he was powerful enough to obtain his Swordsman Spirit seen. Even Kaku said, “is he creates that illusion with his spirit alone?.”

Him being possessed just doesn’t make much sense. When did he get possessed by Ashura, was he born that way? If Kitetsu Sword made him controlled then why did Zoro have demon moves before he had that sword? If he loses it, he just can’t make those moves anymore?

People who are possessed have a trend to lose control as well. There has been no indication of Zoro losing control of his “Ashura”. Zoro is kind of calm while fighting.

I believe Zoro’s Ashura come from his swordsman spirit. Ashura is an expression of his Swordsman Spirit the same way Vista’s Flower is to him.

Theory By:- RomanceDawn


How Kaido Became The Strongest Living Creature

Many theorists have come up with the idea that Kaido is a Typhon fruit eater.

I think Gekko Moriah’s crew is a foreshadow of Kaido’s crewKaido desires an all devil fruit user crew but essentially it looks he wants ZoansKaido is named The King Of Beasts/100 beast Kaido. The Typhon in Greek mythology is recognized as the father of all creatures. In Moriah’s crew, we saw zombie versions of Greek mythical creatures like the Cerberus and Manticore. Abasalom was even based on the Nemean Lion of Greek mythology.

Wano is under Yonko Kaido’s control and has broad associations to Dragons. Moriah took the body of Ryuma who was recognized for slaying a Dragon. So maybe Ryuma was prepared to battle a Dragon Devil Fruit user.

We know Kaido was taken by the Marines several times. So them doing experiments on him is very reasonable.

When you take a fresh look at Kaido, you see he has a moustache similar to an eastern style dragon as well as a dragon scale tattoo. He’s Too “The Strongest Creature in Air”. So that indicates he can seemingly fly, What’s the strongest creature that can fly? – a Dragon

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