If you start surfing the net and you research what are the main events in One Piece which are nowadays inexplicable, for sure you will find that a lot of people don’t understand how can Aokiji and Akainu be intangibles; in particular, those people think of their intangibility when they remember the Marineford War. In fact, during that arc, we saw a lot of strong fighters and also a lot of violent fights; two of those fights which deserve a special attention are the one between Whitebeard and the Admiral Aokiji and the one between Marco, Vista and the Admiral Akainu.

To begin with, I’m going to consider the first one: during that fight, at a certain moment we saw Aokiji jumping towards Whitebeard in order to attack him and Whitebeard, who had foreseen Aokiji’s attack, hit the Admiral at the centre of his chest with his weapon; everyone thought that Aokiji was dead because Whitebeard is a Haki user and, as we know, the use of haki nullifies Logia-type Devil Fruits powers, but suddenly Aokiji moved, so he demonstrated us that he was still alive.

Secondly, as far as the second one is concerned, during this other fight, we saw Marco and Vista, who probably are in the top three of the strongest members of the Whitebeard Pirates, dashing towards Akainu, who had just killed Ace, and hitting him; despite the fact that Marco’s kick and Vista’s cut had sliced Akainu’s body, the Admiral healed his wounds as if Vista and Marco were two normal people, although we know that they are able to use haki in the same way of Whitebeard.

So how could have happened something like this?

Well, the explanation to this incredible (and strange) fact has been given us by Oda in today’s One Piece manga: in fact, in the fight that is going on between Luffy and Katakuri, we came to know that there is another type of haki, called “Observation Haki”, which gives to the user the ability to apply a sort of advanced observation to certain situations, making them able to predict enemies’ attacks; this can be considered like a quick look in the nearest future.

Since now we know that this kind of haki exists, we could assume that also Admirals Aokiji and Akainu, who are with no doubt two incredibly powerful characters, can use Observation Haki; in fact, if you go on YT and you look at the two fights mentioned before, you will notice that Aokiji employed his Logia-power to open an ice-hole in his chest and let Whitebeard’s weapon pass through it, while Akainu allowed Marco and Vista hit his body and actually let them think that they hit him, but he transformed it into lava to open up the space and later he closed it.

Anyway, this is for sure an incredible ability. Let’s see who will be able to guess what other types of Haki exist, for example, among the Yonko!


Monkey D. Luffy’s Mother, Luffy Is Related To Pirate King Gol D. Roger

Hey guys ! Today I am here with another interesting theory but this time it is about One Piece. Well as we all know, Eiichiro Oda always had a thing for mothers. I know this is a daring statement, but lets think about it for some time.

Mothers of most of the characters in One Piece are either dead or we don’t know where they are, which will possibly result by getting them killed in a random flashback. And, Moreover We don’t even know Who is Luffy’s Mother. Lets see what possibilities we have about this matter. So, without anymore delay lets get going with the article.

One Piece Live-action release date

I surfed out the web to get or read as many theories and ideas as I can , and I believe this that this is the best one which exists out there.

Firstly, many people out there have stated that Luffy resembles Roger a bit. He’s not his son, so how can that be even possible? They look real alike in most of the aspects, and have a really similar attitude in any situation. This theory says that Luffy is the son of Roger’s little sister. That girl was the one for Monkey D. Dragon.

When Luffy’s mother was about to complete the birth cycle, Dragon was already setting his plans of the revolutionary army. That is when the World Government decided to arrest his family. And the person who most probably could lead them to Dragon was his lady.

However, she wasn’t arrogant about all of that. She already saw it coming, so she decided to take action to save her child i.e, Luffy. And that was the reason Luffy was given to Garp to take care of. Who could be the better choice than him as he was one of the most well respected Marines.

one piece live action release date

Another possibility is that something happened to her and Dragon was the one who gave Luffy to Garp, before he left to organize his revolutionary army. Either way, the question is, what happened to Luffy’s mother/Roger’s little sister?

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