Among all the countless mysteries we can find in the world of One Piece, today I’m gonna analyze the one about the Florian Triangle and introduce you my theory about it.

The first time we saw that place has been before the Thriller Bark arc: in that moment, the Mugiwaras found a barrel floating in the sea water, then a violent storm hit them and, in the end, they arrived at the Florian Triangle; there, we saw 3 shadows which looked like giant monsters with sparkling red eyes, and this means that they were living creatures.

Now, my theory is the following one: in my opinion, the Florian Triangle monsters are inspired by the legend of “Umibozu”, a kind of spirit which comes from japanese folklore; it’s said to live in the ocean and it usually attacks and destroys the ships that pass near it.

Don’t they look similar to the Florian Triangle monsters?

Furthermore, we know from Nami that the pirates used to send out in the ocean a barrel as a form of prayer for a safe journey as an offer to the Sea Gods; in the Umibozu legend, if sailors weren’t able to make the prayer reach the Sea Gods (“Sea Gods” = in this case they’re not the giant monsters showed in One Piece but proper divinities), they’ll send the Umibozu to punish them. Thanks to this incredible fact, we can understand how the real japanese legend and what happened in the story could be related; in fact, although we found out that the barrel saw by the Mugiwaras was in reality a trap coming from Thriller Bark, it’s possible that at the beginning it really was a prayer for S0ea Gods, then transformed into a trap by Gekko Moria.

In addition, still according to the japanese legend, it’s said that the appearance of a Umibozu is usually preceded by a storm, and what did we say before? We remembered that the Mugiwaras dealt with a storm before arriving at the Florian Triangle.

Moreover, Wadatsumi is often called “Umibozu”; this means that also in the world of One Piece people know something about those monsters.

In conclusion, we know from Oda that he took the idea of Florian Triangle by the real Bermuda Triangle, that is the place where ships (and also planes) mysteriously disappear; considering this fact and also all the relations found before between the real japanese legend and the story in One Piece, I’m strongly convinced that the Florian Triangle is the territory belonging to Umibozu, so that when people go there, Umibozu attack them because they feel like being invaded by some strangers and they just want to defend their own home.

Honestly, I admit that, although this theory is the one I prefer, there’s also another one that I find as interesting as this one: in some people’s opinion, those creatures are not monsters; on the contrary, they’re men who own the powers of some incredible mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit and who use it to accomplish their duty to defend that place. But why should they defend it in such a violent way? Maybe I’ll introduce you this other theory in another article.


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