During the latest episodes of One Piece, we have always seen the Mugiwaras fighting against the Big Mom Pirates and we have always taken into consideration their amazing strength and their amazing skills. Despite the fact that they are, of course, incredibly powerful, there is also another character who demonstrated to be special and very useful in a fight: Carrot.

We have some information about her, but do we really have the perception of how strong she is? Let’s try to understand it together!

First of all, Carrot is a Mink, which means that she comes from the ancient tribe that lives on Zunisha’s back; as well as all the other members of her tribe, Carrot too is a natural-born fighter who can use a kind of electric-punches in order to deal with stronger opponents.

Secondly, as far her physical abilities are concerned, she possesses a large amount of stamina which allows her to be active at all hours of the day, she is really quick, agile and strong, especially in her legs since she can jump very high; her natural abilities brought her to be able even to effortlessly dodge a slash from Zoro. In addition, probably due to her “animal nature”, she’s highly perceptive and she has incredible reflexes.

Moreover, during the period in which the Mugiwaras were on Zunisha’s back and they were willing to go fighting against Big Mom to bring back Sanji, in a scene we saw that Luffy was about to eat one of Carrot’s carrot and, when she saw him, she enraged and quickly overwhelmed him; this should have made us thinking of a supposed latent power in her.

Furthermore, we have recently discovered that, as a member of the Mink, Carrot is able to awaken her true form (called “Ceylon”) when the Full Moon comes out: while in this form, Carrot’s speed, ability and fighting skills are even enhanced, allowing her to take out multiple enemies in the blink of an eye; she becomes incredibly powerful, reaching at least Sanji’s level.

Anyway, I don’t think that in the end of the Big Mom arc she will become a Mugiwaras because the story of One Piece is focused on the journey which makes the members all growing together, but in the case of Carrot what more could she do? She’s already super strong, she has no more ability to develop and I don’t believe that there’s another form even stronger than Ceylon.

The only Carrot’s form which could supposedly overcome even Ceylon would be the one reached by making her eating Chopper’s Rumble Ball and see what happens; anyway, in that case it couldn’t be considered as a proper skill, it would be considered, on the other hand, rather as an “external help”.


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