Some days ago I was taking a look at the current story of One Piece and, thinking about the upcoming Wano arc (which is supposed to come up after the Big Mom arc), I thought of an interesting theory for which the former Spade Pirates could join the Mugiwara Alliance alongside Marco The Phoenix and against the Yonko Kaido. Now I’m going to introduce you that theory.

To begin with, we know that the Beast Pirates ordinary members are named after card games, such as, for example, Sheepshead and Ginrummy, and also Kaido’s 3 commanders are supposed to be named after cards ranks; in fact, we have already met Jack “the drought”, so that then there should be Queen and King. In addition, also some Kaido’s allies seem to follow this “cards theme”, like X Drake, in whose name there is the “X”, the roman number 10, and Doflamingo, who was also known with the name of “Joker”.

Moreover, there is also another crew which seems to be named after cards, although it isn’t related with Kaido: the Spade Pirates, who are named after a card suit and whose former captain (Portgas D. Ace) resembled the last missing card.

But why should they go to Wano?

Well, simply because the Spade Pirates are part of the Whitebeard Pirates and Nekomamushi wants to ask Marco, who is Whitebeard Pirates’ captain, to join the Mugiwara Alliance against Kaido, so, if Ace’s former crew takes note of it, it’s probable that they will definitely join the Alliance in order to support their former captain’s little brother and, maybe, also to protect him following Ace’s original will.

Furthermore, we also know that Ace had already gone to Wano, place in which he learnt how to make straw hats, like the one he made for his friend Little Oars Jr. for example, and we know that in Oda’s work “coincidences” don’t exist, so I don’t believe that he connected Ace and Wano for no reason.