Sanjuan Wolf, as known as “The Colossal Battleship”, is the biggest known living person in the world of One Piece, since he’s even bigger than Oars and Oars Jr. In addition, he was a prisoner in the 6th level of Impel Down before being freed by Marshall D. Teach, so, although we haven’t already seen his powers, we can expect that he’s incredibly strong.

As far as we know, Pluton is one of the 3 Ancient Weapons and it is supposed to be a kind of titanic battleship, so how could a humanoid be a “weapon of mass destruction”?

Well, going back to the Water Seven arc, when Cutty Flam and Iceburg received Pluton’s blueprints from Tom, they both looked shocked at seeing them; in particular, Cutty Flam’s words attracted my attention: he referred to Pluton as a “thing”, but we know that he was used to build battleships every day, so the fact that he used the word “thing” probably means that, in reality, Pluton doesn’t really look like a battleship or anyway something he had ever dealt with before.

What if Pluton is a cyborg?

We know that the World Government has tried for years to build giants in order to boost their military force, but then, thanks to Kuma and Vegapunk, they created the Pacifista, so that they gave up with the previous project. Or maybe not (?).

What if they achieved building a combination between giants and the Pacifista?

We know from Franky that a cyborg can hide in his body whatever he wants, as long as his constructor is skilled enough; in addition, he can also change his whole form. Moreover, we also know that giants normally live longer than humans and that cyborgs, thanks to a continuous and professional maintenance, aren’t used to age like humans.

Furthermore, Sanjuan’s size allows him to walk one the oceanic floor while having his head even out of the water, so, assuming that he really is a giant cyborg, he could really be able to transform into Pluton, “The Colossal Battleship”.

If this is really true, it means that one of the 3 Ancient Weapons is owned by Blackbeard, one from Shirahoshi (Poseidon) and the 3rd one is supposed to be owned by Monkey D. Dragon (Uranus). We could expect an amazing war!


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