According to Pell and Robin’s conversation, there are only five Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece that can make people fly. But this seems really strange. Since there are a lot of characters who can fly. In fact, for example, a lot of Logia-type Devil Fruit users can float (Crocodile, Ace, Sabo) or even teleport (Kizaru, Enel). Although this can’t be properly considered as “flying”, it’s something very close to it.

In addition, a lot of Paramecia-type users can fly too. But, in this case, the Devil Fruits don’t grant them this ability. They can fly only thanks to their use of their abilities. So it’s more a question of “being smart and skilled”. For example, Doflamingo flies by attaching his strings to the dust particles in the air. Buggy can make his whole body fly apart from his feet, which have to stay on the ground. And Robin flies by creating two “hands-made” wings on her back.

Anyway, these are the 5 “flying” Devil Fruits who Robin and Pell mentioned.


Ate by Pell. This is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a falcon.


Eaten by Caesar, this Logia-type Devil Fruit grants him the ability to change into a vaporous form. Allowing him to float and go inside places that no normal solid being can. He was confident he could fly from Punk Hazard to Dressrosa by himself. So this means he knows that he can effectively fly.


Eaten by Smoker, this Logia-type Devil Fruit allows him to create, control, and become smoke at will. He can manipulate the density of his smoke in order to make it thicker or thinner, and we saw that he can even fly by turning his legs into smoke.


Marco ate a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. Which enables him to transform into an almost immortal blue fire-made phoenix.


Eaten by Buffalo, this Paramecia-type Devil Fruit allows him to turn his limbs into rotating propellers, which can make he fly.

Now, despite the fact that we have already reached five Devil Fruit on the list. There are some more characters who we saw are able to fly:

MOMONOSUKE, who ate Vegapunk’s artificial Zoan-type Devil Fruit. Which gave him the ability to transform into a serpentine dragon that can seemingly fly although it has no wings.

BIAN, who ate the Mushi Mushi no Mi model Suzumebachi, a Zoan-type Devil Fruit which allows her to transform into a hornet or fly.

KABU, who ate the Mushi Mushi no Mi model Kabutomushi, a Zoan-type Devil Fruit. Which allows him to transform into a rhinoceros beetle and fly.

So right now we have at least eight Devil Fruits which allows their users to be able to fly. In addition, if we take into consideration also Shiki, who was able to make non-living matter levitating after having touched it. And Lafitte, who is said to be able to gain a pair of wings, then they become ten in total. In addition, I think that we will see even more flying Devil Fruits users in the upcoming Wano arc. Since it’s supposed to be full of Zoan-type users. As we all know, there are a lot of flying animals in the world.

Although Robin’s conversation with Pell took place about two years ago (before the Time Skip). Why should have Oda said such a statement if he wasn’t sure he could carry on the concept?

For those reasons, I’m about to consider this as a clear hole in One Piece’s plot.


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