Hey everyone! In today’s post, I’d like to talk about an interesting revelation that was recently made in One Piece. Now, this post does contain a lot of spoilers from the latest Reverie arc. If you aren’t caught up with the manga, or don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you do not go ahead with this post. However, if spoilers don’t really bother you, then let’s begin. One Piece chapter 907 came out earlier this week, and we found out a lot of interesting stuff related to Kaidou, Garp and even those who came before them. As was cleared in the official translation, ‘Rox’ was a person or a crew that existed over 40 years ago and ruled the entire New World alone. Right now, we have the Yonko who rule the New world equally, and before them was the age of Gol D Roger, Whitebeard and the Golden Lion Shiki.

One Piece Reveals A New Pirate King

Gol d Roger Pirate King

Imagine the power of this guy if he was able to rule the entire New World all alone without any help. Further, we also came to know that Big Mom and Kaidou were crew mates of his, and imagine if these monsters weren’t even the Captain, how strong would the Captain be? It’s insane to even think about it, right? This brings to the next thing, which is the huge Strawhat that we saw in One Piece chapter 906. The Strawhat belongs to some unknown guy from the past. But what if it belonged to the Rox guy? The Strawhat symbolizes the Will of D, as far as we know it, and if that’s the case then this guy surely carried the Will of D as well. If he was so damn powerful, he’d certainly have reached Raftel as well. But even if he didn’t, he sounds like someone worthy of being called the Pirate King.

One Piece: A New Pirate King?

New Pirate King

I really think there were many Pirate Kings in one piece. However, the term that Roger had referred to him reaching Raftel. Before that, it could’ve been the one who ruled the seas, or someone at the top of a certain Kingdom. I also believe that Joy Boy was the first Pirate King, and he was just the ruler of a land which had a lot of Pirates, hence making him the King of the Pirates. That’s my take on all this, and this Rox dude sounds like he was the King of all the Seas, and the Pirates back in his era, which makes him the King of the Pirates. I really hope we explore him even more in this arc. Let’s hope Oda delivers with some information on the Rox.

Do you think Rox / Captain of the Rox was the Pirate King? Let me know in the comments below!


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