Shanks is one of the Yonko and the captain of the Red Hair Pirates. He is one of the strongest people in the world of One Piece, and being a Yonko, he has absolute authority in the New World. He, along with the other Yonko, are the strongest people in the entire series. Nobody messes with them. Shanks was first revealed during the very chapter of One Piece, where he was at Fooshia Village, along with the rest of his crew. Back then, he wasn’t a Yonko, but he was still a fearsome Pirate. Shanks often met with Luffy there, and usually, he was at Makino’s place. For those of you who don’t know who Makino is, it is this woman:

Makino and Shanks seem to have some sort of connection to each other, from the looks of it, and it does seem like she is very important to the Yonko, Red Hair Shanks.

Now, on the cover of One Piece chapter 615, we saw Makino holding a baby. At that point, we didn’t know if it was her baby or not, but it was soon confirmed to be her child. We still don’t know who the father is though. However, Eiichiro Oda was asked about whether it was Makino’s child, and also who the father of the child was. Here’s how he responded to the question in SBS volume 63.

D: The thing that concerns me is the cover of chapter 614. You see how Makino-san is holding a baby? Does that mean that baby is Makino-san’s child?! And does that mean the father is me?! P.N. Dandelion

O: NOT YOU!!!(Shock)…ah… Sorry. Well–. Seems Makino-san became a mother. She looks very happy. The father is maybe that person-. Yeah, probably that person.

Now he didn’t exactly say who the father is, but I think it’s really obvious. There is but one man who we know has a connection to Makino. That person is Shanks. Further, the baby also seems to have red hair, so I don’t think there is any further need to provide proof about whom the father of the baby is. Makino is the mother of Shanks’ kid. We don’t know what kind of a relationship Shanks and Makino have. But we’ll likely find out sometime in the future.

Further, it does raise a question of how it is that Shanks was able to visit Fooshia Village. It is located in East Blue, and that’s something off limits for a Yonko, since the place is under the protection of Garp himself. There are many questions that this revelation has raised, and right now, I can’t provide an answer. Maybe when we’re into Shanks’ saga, we’ll get to know more about it. I hope the day isn’t too far.


Something No One Noticed About Shanks’ Crew

rld. He was the rival of Dracule Mihawk, who is currently the strongest swordsman in the world. Now comparing Shanks’ crew with the crew of the other Yonkō, I had a rather interesting thought.

First, Whitebeard. He had a Fishman as one of his commanders.
Second, Blackbeard. He has a giant, a Fishman and winged race under him and probably more now that he is a Yonko.
Big Mom similarly has Homies, Pekoms( a talking lion capable of turning into a tortoise) and Tamago (long-legged person capable of turning into a chicken), Bobbin (a wide-faced mask-wearing man), Randolph ( an anthropomorphic rabbit who rides a crane), Pudding( hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe) making her crew one of the most diverse.
Kaidō has a lot of different races. Basically, he’ll take in anyone who has a devil fruit. We know his intentions of building an army of just devil fruit users.
Lastly we have Shanks. We haven’t seen anyone from a different race.

Probably Shanks doesn’t take anyone from a different race in his main ship. There have been a lot of theories in the past about this as well. Most people assume Shanks is a haki god. It would maintain a balance between the four Yonkō: Big Mom- Paramecia, Blackbeard-logia, Kaido-Zoan, Shanks has no fruit (at least as of now). It looks that Shanks’ crew is entirely focused on using Haki as their primary weapon.

Shanks’ weapon will be the conqueror’s haki. So far we’ve seen the ability to knock people out, taming animals, break objects in a small area of effect, and those haki clashes between Luffy and Don Chinjao or Doffy. Dominating an animal shows them that you’re the leader of the pack. I think it’s a domination of will that allows you to knock someone out. I think the knock out ability is more useful than just a scrub destroyer.

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