One Piece Chapter 893 just came out, and it was pretty hard to believe. In the last chapter, we saw Luffy and Katakuri fighting and Luffy gets stabbed by Katakuri’s Three Forks Spear and the chapter ends.

One Piece chapter 893 begins with a flashback. Luffy remembers back to when Rayleigh showed him how to use Observation Haki to start. Silver Rayleigh told Luffy that the power is just a person’s instincts “brace up to a higher level” and that it provides one the “ability to unconsciously sense things and react to them.”

Rayleigh explaining Luffy about the Observation Haki. Unconsciously is the term used by Rayleigh here.
There was a cause Luffy was matched with Katakuri, and exactly with this flashback, Oda revealed it to us. Activating a greater consciousness with Haki!

Luffy is having a hard time tapping into that Haki’s potential at the moment. Katakuri is a formidable opponent who has mastered Observation Haki, and he will not give Luffy any breaks. The chapter showed that the Luffy’s ability to use the Haki is at a minimum as he’s relying on it just to survive.

Flampe clearly attempts to immobilize Luffy with a paralyzing needle, but Luffy’s Haki moves him.

“He’s fading in and out of consciousness and every time he’s unconscious his observation Haki saves him.”

Luffy has used that skill a many times, but he wishes to sharpen that power more willfully until it can be used offensively. In a previous chapter, Luffy was capable of utilizing Observation Haki to block and counter a strike from Katakuri, which thrilled the Charlotte soldier. So, it is only a matter of time until Luffy gets a full control of the power.

Do you believe Luffy will really control his Observation Haki?


Why Blackbeard Refused To Fight Shanks In Marineford

Why did Blackbeard refuse to fight with Shanks during the Marineford arc?

Most of us believed that Blackbeard who was so anxious to destroy the Marineford. He fought Whitebeard, Garp, and Sengoku without a single doubt but when Shanks single-handedly challenged everyone including Blackbeard, He denied and considered not competing as a better option that means Shanks is even more significant deal than Whitebeard.

But actually, that’s not the real reason Blackbeard denied fighting with Shanks.

There is a concept of the appropriate opponent in the one piece world.

Remember how dominant God Enel was on the sky island. According to his abilities, he was stronger than Moriah and even Lucci

But Luffy defeated him when he was weak compared to when he fought Lucci.
Luffy was the most appropriate opponent of Enel, or perhaps it was the only Luffy at that time could have defeated Enel.

Blackbeard stated that when it comes to fighting, he wasn’t perfect and he has to endure a lot of pain. His physicality and body are unique, so he planned himself to make the strongest Devil fruit user by attaining the strong logia Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi.

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