One Piece is back in the gaming industry after following the Pirate Warriors series. Today we will be discussing the One Piece Grand Cruise First Trailer and all the details about the game! To begin with, One Piece Grand Cruise is the first VR (Virtual Reality) game for the One Piece gaming franchise. From the previous scans that were released earlier in the year, we have already confirmed the following:

  • Ship Battles
  • Kraken Battle
  • interacting with the Straw Hat Pirates
  • Doflamingo invading the Thousand Sunny.

One Piece Grand Cruise First Trailer And Details Revealed

With scans only telling little of what to expect, for the first time we were able to see actual gameplay from the first official trailer. And with this trailer, it was announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment that One Piece Grand Cruise will be releasing for the PlayStation VR. A version of the game was made playable at Tokyo Tower (Demo) for players to enjoy the game and give feedback for the developers to finish it up and tweak the game later on.

One Piece Grand Cruise First Trailer And Details Revealed

The game will be released in both North America and Europe in 2018. The game has been noted and expected to be a full 360 interactive experience as you help defend, attack, and involve yourself with the Pirate Straw-hat crew. The game will allow players to be alongside the Straw-hat crew and have multiple interactions including being able to answer questions using a Yes or No option. For more information regarding this game, you can check out the trailer and expect more information to come out about this game!


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