One Piece Chapter 902 Spoilers

One Piece Whole Cake Island arc end

One Piece Chapter 902 is just a couple of days away now, and I must say, in the last few weeks I’ve felt a bit differently about One Piece. Last week’s One Piece chapter was completely unpredictable, and if you thought that it would be different this week, you’d be wrong. We don’t know what to expect this week as well. However, I’m here to give you my thoughts on the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

First off, the biggest confusion that everyone has right now is whether Whole Cake Island arc has already wrapped up, or not. Some think it is over, others think there’s still a couple of chapters left. If you ask me, I totally believe we’re still in Whole Cake Island for about 5-6 more chapters at the very least. Even though Luffy clearly mentioned that he’s heading off to Wano now, I don’t think the time has arrived yet.

One Piece Chapter 902

The reason behind that is no goal has yet been complete, aside from rescuing Sanji. While that was indeed the primary goal, after that Luffy needed to save the Vinsmokes, and take Jinbe with him. He has done neither of those things. The threat on Zeff’s head still remains, and Vinsmokes might still die. We don’t know what happened to Pound, or Pekoms, or King Baum. Most importantly, we don’t know why Oda brought Moscato back to life, and whether Pedro is actually dead or not.

These are the plot points that I feel should be resolved before the arc finally ends. I feel like One Piece Chapter 902 is going to cover some of them. We might see Jinbe in action, trying to stop the Big Mom Pirates, and we’ll also likely see Big Mom joining the battle as well.

One Piece 902

Whether Jinbe will survive or not is something that I don’t know yet. However, I do feel like we’ll get to see a very unpredictable chapter up ahead. I still believe that Charlotte Katakuri is to play an important role in the escape of the Strawhat Pirates. Moreover, we barely even saw Sanji in the last chapter. Oda definitely has something huge in the bag about him, and I can’t wait to see what it is. If Whole Cake Island has truly ended, my opinion of the arc would bad start, great going, and a bad ending. Overall, this would be an average arc for me, but the best that we’ve got in the New World. However, if Oda ties the plot points, this will easily be one of the best One Piece arcs ever.

What are your thoughts on One Piece Chapter 902? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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