Hey guys. One Piece Chapter 891 is out, you can read it. The chapter was simply outrageous. The fans were really angry. There isn’t just a single reason behind this. So, without taking too much of your time, I’ll get straight to the point. Be warned that this post has spoilers, so read ahead at your own risk. First of all, let’s talk about Luffy vs Katakuri.

I seriously feel bad for Katakuri. He is a Yonkou Commander, who has never lost a fight in his life. Never has his back touched the ground. Considering his position, it is plausible to assume that he has fought against all the Marine superpowers, as well as against the other Yonkou Commanders. So, I can perfectly understand that why Katakuri would have awakened superior Observational as well as Armament Haki. It has already been revealed that Katakuri has been such an Observational Haki that he is able to see the future with it. It remains a mystery how far can Katakuri look into the future. Anyway, it is a really amazing power. In today’s chapter, we saw Luffy matching Katakuri with his newly awakened Observation Haki which also him to see in the future.

The reason? Because Luffy saw Rayleigh’s flashback. I can’t believe it. You give someone a huge power because of such a lame reason. It’s totally unacceptable. Then there is the bit about Pudding. Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter of Big Mom. She was to Sanji Vinsmoke of the Vinsmoke Family. However, after the revelation of another daughter of Big Mom, fans are angry. According to whatever information we have, Pudding is above 15 years of age and she was supposed to marry Sanji.

I mean now that’s crazy. Ikemoto, the editor of Boruto has also come under scrutiny for making little girls a bit too flashy. If Ikemoto had done something like this, he would have been slaughtered. Oda really needs to himself to the fans, and I hope that it’s bloody good explanation. I’m really angry at both the incidents. Particularly the Luffy one, Whole Cake Island is turning out to be one plot convenience after another.

I have lost my interest in the arc. It is too much for me handle. I just got a Rayleigh flashback and now I can see into the future as well. So, I can see that there are going to be some more amazing plot conveniences for the Straw Hats.
That’s it from me.


One Piece 891 Confirmed Leaks, Luffy Is Finally At Advantage And More

Hey guys. The spoilers for One Piece 891 are finally out. Let me tell the fans that the chapter is absolutely amazing. First of all, we have both Luffy and Katakuri fighting in the Mirror world. They are still going at it.

A new character has been introduced as well. This character is watching Luffy Vs Katakuri. She is the 33rd daughter of the Charlotte Linlin. Her name is Charlotte Furenpe. She is just 15 years old and she seems to be the chairman of Katakuri’s Fan Club (that’s a thing apparently). She is watching the fight with her subordinates and as the fight drags on, she instructs them to attack Luffy. However, their attacks don’t connect.

Every time Katakuri beats down Luffy, he stands up. As we know that it is very Luffy-esque to stand up even after getting beaten down. During the fight, Luffy remembers Rayleigh’s words. After that Luffy attacks in the same pattern as Katakuri. Katakuri is taken aback by this. The scene changes to Sanji and Pudding.

Sanji is being mocked by Pudding. She says that it’s too late to do anything now. The cake is finally complete and Sanji heads out. Meanwhile, on the ship, Big Mom is overwhelming the Straw Hats but they still manage to hold her. You can read the detailed summary below.
”Quick Summary

Mirror World: Luffy and Katakuri’s battle is still ongoing.

And someone is watching their battle. It’s the 33rd daughter Charlotte Furenpe, 15 years old. She’s also the chairman of Katakuri’s fan club. She says that she will be the king of all sisters. She instructs her subordinates to attack Luffy but their attacks don’t connect.

Furenpe: “I don’t want to see my big brother struggling against an opponent like that. If my big brother isn’t perfect all the time, then I will be disappointed!”
Subordinate: It’s not like he’s struggling, but the opponent is just too stubborn.
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