Since the Dressrosa arc, in which we saw Doflamingo having incredible powers and then explaining that they were due to the “awakening” of his Devil Fruit, we are still waiting for someone who awakens their Devil Fruit, so that we can understand how the awakening works.

Thinking of this, I elaborated a theory about the way a Devil Fruit could awaken, so let me introduce it to you.

In every shonen anime there’s a “ki”, that is a kind of “spiritual energy” which is usually named differently in each anime: in DragonBall it is called “chi” or “aura”, in Naruto it is called “chakra”, in Bleach it is called “reiatsu” etc; in the same way, also in One Piece there’s this “ki” and we know that it is called “Haki”. In particular, we already know that there are 3 different types of Haki and, each one of them, can affect the user’s body or also the surrounding environment.

What if the awakening of a Devil Fruit is just the application of the concept of “Haki” to the Devil Fruit itself?

In my opinion, the awakening can be reached through the experience and the training; in fact, we saw that Doflamingo was able to even transform the buildings and the floor in wires. I think that he just used to apply his Haoshoku Haki, which is defined as a kind of Haki which can affect the people and the environment around the user; the same he did when he healed the wounds in his internal organs: in that case he applied the Busoshoku Haki, which is defined as a kind of Haki which can be used only one the user’s body and one the weapons he’s wielding, to his Devil Fruit power.

If this theory is true, it means that every Devil Fruit user can possibly awaken his Devil Fruit, as long as they understand in some ways (maybe through a hard training) how to apply their Haki skills to their powers.

You don’t have to forget that I’ve already published an article about a theory for which Brook is supposed to have awakened his Devil Fruit in the two years during the time skip; in fact, we saw that he gained a lot of new impressive skills when he fought against Big Mom’s army in the Whole Cake Castle.

If Brook really did it, it means that maybe in the future he will teach Luffy how to awaken his Gomu Gomu no Mi!


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