In this post, we will be talking about One Piece 908. OP manga Chapter 907 released a week ago and has sent fans into a frenzy since then. The Reverie arc is, without any doubts, the best arc that we’ve got post time skip and already better than Whole Cake Island arc in my opinion. All that and we don’t even have Monkey D Luffy in this arc. Last week, we saw Shirahoshi being kidnapped and ultimately she was saved by Mjosgard, who Otohime saved some years ago at Fishman Island.

One Piece 908 Spoilers

One Piece 908

Kaidou and Big Mom were also revealed to be members of the same Pirate crew in the past, and they were known as Rocks. Now, they might even join their forces in order to take down Monkey D Luffy once and for all.

Over at Mariejois, we saw Shanks enter the room with Gorosei and he was there with a really interesting request. It seems Shanks wants to talk about a certain pirate. Despite being a Yonko, the Gorosei have arranged time for him, which certainly does indicate that Shanks is special. I think he might even have a Royal Bloodline of a Tenryuubito, if that’s possible. Coming over to One Piece Chapter 908 spoilers, I think we’ll get to see who shanks was talking about. I’m very interested to know who it is that Shanks needs to talk to the Gorosei to. Whoever this guy is, he’s certainly one of the biggest threats in the world of One Piece. We’ll also see the Mariejois conference begin this time around. I’m pretty sure Oda won’t be delaying it any further.

One Piece 908 raw

Where To Download/Read One Piece 908 Online?

There are some illegal sites like MangaStream, MangaPanda, MangaReader, KissManga, MangaFreak, MangaFox, etc. That allows downloading for mangas, but you cannot download One Piece 908 Raw/Scans from any of the official sites, however, you can read it online on Viz for free while supporting mangakas. Also, we just have 9-10 more chapters left for One Piece’s Reverie arc. After that, we’ll get to see the War of Wano Kuni begin and it will most certainly blow every single One Piece arc out of the water. One Piece Chapter 908 will be out on June 15, 2018. The official translation for the chapter will be out on June 18, 2018.


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