One Piece 905 Delayed, New Release Date Confirmed, Raw Scans

One Piece 905 raw scans
One Piece 905 Delayed

One Piece 905 is being delayed. After the last week’s manga chapter fans were eagerly waiting for the next OP chapter but they are going to be a bit of disappointed that One Piece manga alone is being delayed, not any other manga series.

One Piece 905 Delayed

One Piece 905
Monkey D. Dragon, Kuma, and Ivankov

Before we move onto One Piece 905, let’s talk a bit about what happened in the last week’s OP chapter. In One Piece 904, we finally saw Revolutionary Army, we also learned about their new base is the Kamabakka Kingdom. The leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon also declared the war on the Celestial Dragons. We also got to see all four, North, South, East, and West commanders of the Revolutionary Army.

Furthermore, we got to see a new member of the Yonko Blackbeard Pirates, his name is Pinkbeard. The North, South, East, and West commanders of the Revolutionary Army put on a nice little display of what they are capable of while they were fighting the Pinkbeard pirates. We also have the confirmation now that the Germa Kingdom is no longer affiliated with World Government anymore.

download one piece 905
L’indbergh One Piece Manga (c)Amanomoon Deviantart

Moving onto One Piece manga chapter 905 new release date and possible spoilers, We will most likely see Monkey D. Dragon and Revolutionary Army finally revealing their true plans. We might also get to see a short-flashback, why Monkey D. Dragon started the Revolutionary Army because it is one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece.

One Piece 905 Release Date

As I mentioned above, One Piece 905 is being delayed, According to @YonkouProd on Twitter, the reason behind this is, One Piece manga alone will not be appearing in this week’s Shonen Jump. It is safe to say, we will get to see One Piece Manga a week later, with a new release date.

One Piece Chapter 905
Revolutionary Army Commanders

One Piece Manga 905 spoilers will leak on 24th May 2018, the manga will leak online on 25th May, and it will officially release on 28th May, on Monday in Japan. Also, One Piece 905 raw scans will come out the same day the spoilers will leak.

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You will not be able to download One Piece 905 anywhere online as it is not available anywhere, but we will keep you updated. So Stay tuned for more One Piece news, and always support official releases if you can, it’ll help the mangakas.

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