Hey guys! In this post, I want to talk about the three Sweet Commanders, and specifically Charlotte Smoothie. Whose powers were revealed in this chapter of One Piece. But before I begin discussing her powers. I want to warn you all of the spoilers that this post contains. If you haven’t read the chapter yet, and you don’t want to be spoiled. I suggest that you leave this post.

However, if you have read it or you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s begin. Charlotte Smoothie is one of the three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. She is one of the strongest members in their forces. And has a bounty of 932 Million berries, just a little short of the one Billion Berries mark. Smoothie was introduced to us during the Whole Cake Island arc. And she was first seen near the treasure repository.

We did get to see a glimpse of her powers back then. She was seen squeezing the juice out of a woman, and then drink it. The woman was left all dried up, without any juice in her body. Back then, I think everyone thought that she’ll be involved in a major fight in One Piece. But, that wasn’t the case. Smoothie hasn’t been active at all during the Whole Cake Island arc.

She has done close to nothing this entire time. And that is something that has annoyed a lot of fans. Someone of her status should really have been doing more, yet even Daifuku and Oven hot more attention than her. Her powers were hinted at the Tea Party once again where she extracted the juice from many other creatures as well. She was also able to squeeze out the poison from her own arm when Reiju kicked her.

However, in Chapter 894, Charlotte Smoothie’s powers were revealed a little more. As you all may already know. Charlotte Smoothie is chasing the Strawhat Pirates right now, along with two of her sisters. During chapter 894, Smoothie was able to use Gigantification, and turn herself into a giant. She was almost as tall as the mast of the ship. She could’ve grown even more, but the ship would’ve capsized.

Smoothie was able to do this by absorbing liquid, juice, or maybe the moisture present in the air. This is a very overpowered ability, and it is something that she was able to incorporate with her swordplay as well. Smoothie is finally showing us what she’s capable of. I really liked her during this chapter, and I hope there’s more action to come from her in the upcoming chapters.



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