One of the most significant bonuses to the post-time skip era of One Piece was the 11 Supernovas, the prime rookies of the “Worst Generation.” But it turns out their creation was utterly random.

Worst Generation is a word that refers to the eleven top rookie pirates, with bounties over Beli 100,000,000 who arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago before the Whitebeard War, and to one of the Yonko, “Blackbeard.” They are famous for the bold antics performed against the World Government, so they have high bounties for their heads.

Series creator Eiichiro Oda dished few new details over the creation of the Eleven Supernovas.

Eiichiro Oda explains that “all Supernovas have more highlighted scenes than I thought. I created Supernovas directly before the chapter where they got shown. None of them existed in my plot notebooks before that chapter. I was in an urgent situation, worrying, ‘At this rate, Sabaody arc will not be entertaining enough,”

Oda needed new characters to spice up his next arc, and sort of just made them up on the spot, “Then, the inspiration for 9 Supernovas appeared to my brain unconsciously.” Oda even disliked creating as many of he did, “I should have decreased the number of Supernovas since there were too numerous, but after all, I made all of them in the manga!!”

And it rolls out, Oda didn’t even assume their popularity to last as long as it did, “I’m shocked they survived till now since I thought about half of them would drop out of tough New World already.”

The Supernovas idea went out for Oda, and they’re some of the most interesting characters for One Piece’s future.

Roronoa Zoro & Killer are the only members of the group who are not captains. They are also the only ones who do not have a Devil Fruit.


A Non-Devil Fruit Power That Can Even Beat An Admiral or Yonko, Not Haki

The series has indicated continuously at a secret ability of Minks like Carrot; The “Zou” arc provided a plenty of evidence that it’s not a good idea to battle against the Minks besides the moon is covered up.

The moon appears, and Carrot transforms into a much more significant version of herself with long flowing hair. In the “Sulong” form, she turns the fight around as she destroys Big Mom’s forces and even the ships of the fleet itself.

During a full moon, a mink will change into their Sulong form. To obtain this transformation, a mink must have done decent practice, and look straight at the full moon. With their altered appearances, their durability and speed raise incredibly.

This Change is high enough, that when a single Mink transformed, it created panic amongst the powerful members of the Big Mom Pirates. It is supposed to be something only the minks of Zou train in and is assumed to be the “True appearance” of the Mink Tribe.

All minks are great warriors from birth who maintained their strength in old age. They can deliver electric shocks known as Electro from their bodies. They also hold rapid recovery rates. Their overall battle abilities are high sufficient that Capone Bege, a part of the Worst Generation with Bounty of Beli 300,000,000 and a large number of men and firepower at his order, was careful of facing the minks even though they were still healing from Jack’s attack.

If Carrot was capable of gaining this power by transforming, I can’t even guess how powerful Inuarashi and Nekomamushi will become once they change under a full moon

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